Friday Night Funkin' In Real Life 2 -

Friday Night Funkin’ In Real Life 2

Shiloh & Bros
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FNF in real life!! This was a highly requested game IRL by you guys from us. Comment your favorite part!!!

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  1. I thought they would do ballistic but then they did some crazy song thing

  2. I don't get how the droopy bottoms lost when the guy stepped on all the notes correctly? That name is hilarious by the way😂

  3. Please get to 4 million subs congrats on your journey! 🥰

  4. I have wached it several times and still not bored

  5. Shiloh and bros please make a video of if among us had a shielder

  6. Big FOLT fam member and mini and Golden in 6 NBA says:

    Yo at the start they have boywithuke mask

  7. Big FOLT fam member and mini and Golden in 6 NBA says:

    And they still bro

  8. that mask look like boywithukes mask and it cost 9$

  9. Can you make more Friday night funking videos please

  10. Wow you are so good at the Friday night Funkin

  11. This must've been so funny without the editing/songs

  12. I love your videos you guys put so much good effort in your video and I watch every single of your video and I like them I am subscribed for literally three years keep up the great work also I like the part two better

  13. Yay Juda for the first time

  14. On whitty's song good isn't throw the mic good is ballistic and destroyed the mic and started new very hard song

  15. Do you remember at one of the videos where huggy-wuggy was in Among Us well that's question that he has a mommy will chapter 2 just release and there's new characters PJ pug a pillar and miny huggie wuggies and buns oh and also Mommy Long Legs Mommy Long Legs take care of the others and I also love your videos

  16. I said bunzo the bunny wrong sorry about that

  17. Next video among us you choose 2

  18. That bomhead guy sounded like a alarm ngl

  19. Hey can you make a song called " doing our tasks " please

  20. Hey can you guys a part three because i am loving you`re videos. I wish i was talented like you guys.

  21. Great video and also are you going to make a poppy playtime chapter 2 video?

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