Friday Night Funkin In Among Us: Cartoon Animation -

Friday Night Funkin In Among Us: Cartoon Animation

STA Studios
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  1. Snowball is the ghost now, I don't believe it

  2. Bruhh snow ball is let’s call it sorta um wuerd when he says boy frend

  3. Ugh they keep adding fnf to everything
    But at least it’s still among us

  4. "dont worry, he will revive in the next round"
    "it does not work like that"
    "wait hes dead forever?"
    always has been
    edit: woah 20 likes thanks

  5. Bruh Jeff thinks Girlfriend's dad can revive. 🤣🤣.

  6. Ilike thise animation and super awesome

  7. We want Chloe plsssssss plss. Any way nice one especially the last part

  8. Your among us characters kinda got a bit… bad

  9. Why everyone call mrs potato as dark tater , but dark tater's hat is mrs potato 's , that weird.

  10. Jeff 🔪 just kill Daddy dearest 😵 Dude he didn't angry him also he dead?

  11. ummm why did you make to skeld reactor for the time device did anyone notice

  12. Jeff is the best but how was he the imposter but best ending ever

  13. I was starting my homework when sta studios posted.I ditched it because..


  14. Please make Shadow fight 3 animation dude

  15. I hope Chloe can make a return and what happened to the fight of avengers and thanos I wonder what will happen to girlfriend's daddy will our among us players will be able to return in their realm

  16. I like that banana said poop has a boyfriend

  17. Ninja,mr.pepperroni man and chester like girl Friend!❤️💖💕

  18. Oh it's bad when daddy dearest die and boyfriend and girlfriend are scared but in the hole video you cover amazing SIR STA STUDIOS you're a best you Tuber in the world and I am thankful to see your videos SIR STA STUDIOS 🤟😍😍😍😍🤟🤟❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😍😍😍✌️✌️

  19. Err… I hope that's just a cliffhanger…

  20. Finally! I've been waiting all week! Honestly I can't live without Sta among us vids 😅

  21. But snowball's dead, is dead forever??? Since reviving doesnt work in boyfriends world

  22. Everyone : Helping boyfriend
    Your mom : TABLE

  23. Plot twist : if you are a demon dad
    And an imposter is in your world
    Run for your life or he might chop your head off

  24. What I like Friday night funkin and among us

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