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Omni After Dark
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Played Friday Night Funkin’ on Twitch on HARD MODE! I LOVE IT. Here’s stream highlights of my full playthrough. B-Side and more tapes incoming.

Game: Friday Night Funkin’

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  1. this would be an even better video if you quit cutting out parts of it.

  2. I swear, fnf has one of the steepest skill levels ever you can go from barely beating week 1 to easily beating week 7 in a day or two

  3. My man hitting those arrows on the last possible frame making me anxious

  4. please don't cut the video

  5. 20:53
    gacha kids when they jump off a building and their angel hybrid bf doesn't save them

  6. He plays all in hard

    Me failed in tutorial normal
    Edit:Maybe not all

  7. im so bad at this game how tf does everyone start so good lmao

  8. Yea, the song MILF will tax your reaction speed and soul.

  9. I like how so many people in chat were calling the monster song spoilers

  10. btw i noticed when the christmas monster song plays that is gfs moms head on top of the christmas tree

  11. Not gonna lie the cuts in between the songs kind of kills the emersion, but I'm assuming some of them might have been game overs

  12. i wonder what his reaction would be to genderswap mod with boyfriend's mom

  13. Thanks for ruining the Tutorial song, Omni

  14. Can’t believe you cut some parta out in the middle of a song
    Nice mood killing

  15. Knob! no girls to give it a baby and I love her head is going in to give it is the same thing you give you food on

  16. The fact that no YouTuber even knows skid and pump 😔

  17. “I hope she’s on every stage”
    Little did he know- 🧎‍♀️

  18. 17:30 The Start of MILF
    18:00 Wait a Minute Beat drop starting

  19. Thanks.
    Ahhh! Back when he still was a level 0 newbie. Now 3 months later he's a level 2 amature, vastly better but he still has a long way until he can call himself the god-emperor of mankind, destroyer of chaos and master of the omnivers.

  20. Awe I can’t believe I didn’t watch one of his gaming playthroughs before!! It’s great to see him have so much fun lolol I adore this! So glad he did a playthrough of this game, I was lookin’ for one :>

  21. Not for kids im a kid lol…🤣🤣 im a boy btw

  22. Title: hard mode
    Video: does every week except week 1 and monster on normal mode

  23. why is there so many cuts in the video

  24. Spooky month but you miss is us from the game 🎮 🎃💀

  25. i can tell the diffrane from hard and ez thats ez hard is down up and right not up and right

  26. I can't believe it's already been 7 months since this went up

  27. Omnis Reaction to "Blammed", and the song itself, is so great. Hands Down still the best song in the game. The Video itself is just so good.

  28. Damn I forgot about Friday Night Funkin! 2020 seemed like yesterday

  29. He’s singing Is hilarious in the first song

  30. Fresh lyrics:
    Evil dad(de do gat) or(people die) x2
    All people know x2
    That dude said that…that!x2
    Bee poop that new skoot -da! x2
    Beat box, bee bee pop, be careful of what we’re taught x2
    People discords get cut, because of bad mod x2

  31. Ok, so it’s NOT just Cory 😂🤣

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