Friday Night Funkin - Green Mountain Animation Short ( Sonic.EXE ) -

Friday Night Funkin – Green Mountain Animation Short ( Sonic.EXE )

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So show me, that which I cannot see…
Found this FNF song on Twitter, liked it a lot!! Animated a short for it and putting it up here for prosperity 🙂

Composed by Sandi –
Vocals by Churgney Gurgney –
Lyrics by Sleep Token for the song Chokehold –
Lyrical aid by Raven –

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  1. Guys I’m it’s 2 sonics😊

  2. I watched this video more than than 10 times, and I can't help but re-watch this over and over again. The voice is angelic and hypnotizing at the same time.

  3. Could you make more sonic animations plz 🥺🫸🏽🫷🏽

  4. i like the lil detail that the yellow sonic still has sonic's facial features including his eye outlines and nose, but slowly loses them and melts into the faceless blue sonic, just like in the game after the faceless sonic is defeated, sonic morphs into it.

  5. I don't think Green Mountain is really a Sonic.exe fangame but alr

  6. Bro imagine if I was him because I would be depressed as him because he has to stay in that game forever or is it a she I don't know

  7. dam, love this, only 110k views in 3 days is crazy


  9. I actually thought this was an actual song,fnf is getting the hang of me

  10. Imagine If this gets used a cutscene (that would be amazing though)

  11. That's a masterpiece of an animation i just witnessed

  12. you're gonna upset a lot of sonicpasta fans with that title

  13. I have a new vid about green moutain, but really good video coda!

  14. This Churgny Gurgny fella is being fetured in some great songs lately

  15. Aw shucks and Jeffy endless aethos: where is me at the fnf animations.

  16. I like how modern sonic sings with classic sonic then classic sonic grows up into modern sonic 0:17

    Edit:I just noticed that the classic sonic is the real sonic and in the game after you beat returnal sonic then you can't end the game and you slowly rot and turn into returnal

  17. can we please just get this guy staring at us menacingly with this 3d modle 🙏🙏🙏

  18. The impact this song has on the internet right now is insane

  19. Eyeless Sonic most famously known as "End" is the only boss fight in the fangame Green Mountain, what makes him unique is that when you beat him, you BECOME him. Trapped in the mountain awaiting the decay to take over. It becomes an endless cycle.

  20. “Show me.. there which I cannot see… ..even if it hurts me.. even if I can’t.. 😔” got me sympathizing and crying for bro.

  21. Green Mountain's story seems to say that both sonics are the real ones, but one is always corrupted by the void, this seems most accurate to the story

  22. I know alot have probably noticed, but I really love the detail of the Blue Sonic's face being shadowed out or blurred most of the time, all the while, when the Yellow Sonic gets into view, light is very visible on his face, which allows us to actually see his face, but when we finally face Blue Sonic's face, unblurred, we come to find that there's nothing.
    (This makes sense if you know the story, which I highly doubt I need to explain, right?)

  23. just get a new face dude it's chill
    Also: TADC Rig Pack Release + TADC Song Reanimated sometime next month! Indigo Park animated short music video later this week! Blehhh BLEHHH

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