Friday Night Funkin': Gorefield V2 - Cataclysm -

Friday Night Funkin’: Gorefield V2 – Cataclysm

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  1. At 2:39, what exactly is he saying? I can barely hear anything Godfield is saying cause if his voice

  2. I have a question


  3. The expression on the left arrow movement Is funny "Hehe, look at normal go into the stratosphere and freeze to death."

  4. people are forgetting that the ending part is really reminiscent of final escape

  5. I liked the song itself, but playing it was a nightmare. The scroll speed needs to be turned down to like a 3.5 Max

  6. 7:30 GOD FUCKING DAMN IT, this part is too short yet so fucking good grahhhh

  7. Image they did amix like this: First phase:tails and starved
    Second phase:same as phase
    Gor feild part:sonic and starved and sonic
    The part with fan made gorfeild one:
    Jumpscare of sonic dying
    Sansfeild part:tails as sansfeild and starved as bf

    The falling part: tail falling and starved trying to catch him

    Crucifix part: tails being crucifix and starved starts eating him one by one

  8. holy what abomination is that scroll speed

  9. Godfield ,xeno and ultra M must be the biggest Opponents in the whole fnf universe

  10. First it was triple trouble then it was all stars now its cataclysm

  11. is it me or the part where it goes from different gorefields feels like a boss rush (i freaking love it)

  12. Even for Nermal, being freaking crucified is kinda rough lol

  13. This song should be called "Ascension" or "the rapture"

  14. I liked Godfield, especially its latest form. Steeply high

  15. Just wondering…why is Godfield trying to kill Nermal in this situation…from what i know…this Nermal is from the bad monday simulator timeline…as he appears and vanishes from a portal in the sansfield week. And godfield helps Nermal in bad monday simulator…doing 9999 dmg to sansfield when hes summoned. Godfield hates humanity…but i dont understand why he tries to (and succeeds in) killing Nermal.

  16. Yeah you can sit rigth to All Stars and Finale

  17. 6:48 I think I heard it somewhere… I can’t remember where…

  18. Ok, here’s my opinion on what happened AFTER Nermal got crucified. During the song, when the angels part, Nermal probably wondered if she’s going to heaven at all after this. The angels (as they do) assure the thought. My personal theory tho


  20. All stars and cataclysm being better that triple trouble is true

  21. Nermal trying to survive by singing 😂

  22. I keep thinking this community has peaked, then something like this comes out and blows my expectations sky high over and over again. I don't usually say this, but I'm proud to be in this community!

  23. the spinning things in the background aren't timed to the clock ticks in the music and that's driving me crazy

  24. Gorefield is not a seraph💀

    (WTH is going on Give me lore)

  25. This is the best song of gorfield v2 ever

  26. 2:41 💀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Ngl it would’ve been cooler if instead of Jon vs Gorefield again it was Lyman vs Gorefield

  28. "Under my wrath your demons shall falter"
    -grandma when she finds out you've been bullied

  29. its a me or the voice of godfield sound a bit to the voice of lord x but like with effects?

  30. actualmente siento que triple trouble se queda muy corta comparado con all stars y Cataclysm

  31. Okay. I just heard like 1 second of it and I want someone to inmate the most coolest freaking stuff out of this because it would be freaking easy okay?

  32. Not me wondering why only creepy pasta mods make fire music (+ long ones)

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