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  9. GOSTEI MUITO ❤😇💖💙💜🌷🌹😚😍😙😘😎

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  12. 💜Quasiah Frazier The Inanimate Insanity Fan💜 says:

    That's a long one

  13. 💜Quasiah Frazier The Inanimate Insanity Fan💜 says:

    Week 3 is my favorite

  14. Friday night FunkinxBeat Saber The Best says:

    wont give me app

  15. this isn't the full game there's one more week wow

  16. Why are there 1000 comments with timestamps?

  17. Are they supposed to be beatboxing or singing?

  18. Monster: singing the most bloodthirsty song in the whole game
    BF: beep boop boop

  19. Khả Hân 500k vào ( says:

    3:17 Hôm nay trời lạnh quá. Muốn mua một vòng ôm. Nhưng mà tiền không có. Nên đành trả nụ hôn.

  20. hear me out spookeez is harder in hard mode then mom/milf in hard mode

  21. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  22. 17:33 Tính em không thích lưng chừng. Yêu em chẳng sợ cắm sừng đâu anh.

  23. "Mom can we get 8 mile?"
    "no we have 8 mile at home"
    8 mile at home:

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