Friday Night Funkin' - "Don't Listen" but SpongeBob and Squidward Sings It -

Friday Night Funkin’ – “Don’t Listen” but SpongeBob and Squidward Sings It

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Here you can find the creator of the mods and credits:
Dont Listen Mod:
Don’t Listen by Jakeneutron, @toastymarshmellow_, @Meelz:
Cover by Mysteriatic:

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  2. What song is very very good my friend what I ask me:

  3. I love you so very much for this song but it is making me feel evil and JESTER

  4. Why does spongebob ai actually sound like the voice actor of amanda voice.

  5. For an AI voice SpongeBob is good at singing! 😅

  6. Imagine some of the lyrics are from the original song💀

  7. SpongeBob sounds like SPONGEBOB squidward sounds like sussy squidward

  8. 2:22 looks like squidward is hiding the Krabby pattys like in that one episode

  9. SpongeBob: do you even care
    squidward: NO
    spongebob: your wasting my time
    squidward: IDC
    Spongebob: this isn’t fare
    squidward: GOOD
    spongebob: LET ME OUT OF HERE
    Squidward: 0_0

  10. squid ward almost sound like wooly and Spongebob almost sound like amanda

  11. If the squidward scream was there I would have been laughing I mean the “WAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” scream

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