Friday Night Funkin': CG5 Edition (OUT NOW) -

Friday Night Funkin’: CG5 Edition (OUT NOW)

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Behind the Art! ▶
Me playing it lol ▶

Music by CG5
Artist: elikapika ▶
Charter: SandPlanet ▶
Programmer: DoDo ▶
Executive Production by Axie ▶

Stream the original songs!
Spotify ▶
Apple Music ▶

You’ve finally made it to the big leagues of the music world, but of course there’s a twist. To prove your worth, you have to beat the one and only CG5 in a battle of lyrical wits. Show him what you got!

This mod includes:
• CG5 as Daddy Dearest
• Three new songs in every difficulty
• New background assets
• OR3O as GF and Tutorial remix ▶
• Title Screen remix

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  2. I've known this game for 1 year… how time flies. I just came to give this message to those who remember that this game still exists

  3. If this mod ever gets an update ok friday has to be a secret song

  4. Do you think you can make it capable to play on moble?

  5. 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. I've played that with my sister. It's too easy.

  7. This mod has been realised for a year how crazy

  8. Man, I want the CG5 mod a massive update sometime this year :'(

  9. Anyone else notice that GF is OR3O?

  10. anyone remeber this it was like the first fnf banger

  11. [Stares at CG5 and zooms at CG5's face and cuts to OR3O in FNF style at 0:11]

  12. Ah yes, one of the first fnf mods

    When is Charlie gonna update this mod?

  13. This is the thing that got me to discover FNF

  14. So sad its only for pc i wanted to see the songs and charts

  15. There should be a v2 with Abdul being in that update since he’s in some of CG5’s newer music videos. But I think it’s just me.

  16. Sᴇɴᴘᴀɪ ᴄʜᴀɴ Vampire yandere says:

    100090000999909999999999 of 10 best axolotl bendy fnf when I make one JOIN I WOULD LOVE TO LET U JOIN IT WOULD MAKE MILLIONS 😊❤

  17. After 2 years, I still can't help but enjoy this mod. Like, it just gives of a different vibe that most mods don't do now a days.

  18. Me seeing the pc only thing and being on iPad: ….


  19. I have seen this a lot but I never knew it was you. I’m so sorry😢

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