Friday Night Funkin' but two Russians have a Rap Battle (Tabi VS Ruv) -

Friday Night Funkin’ but two Russians have a Rap Battle (Tabi VS Ruv)

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In this video you will see the rap battle of Tabi VS Ruv, 2 russians of Friday Night Funkin.

Mods & song used:

V.S. TABI Ex Boyfriend

Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses

Playable Tabi Ex

Sarvente Girlfriend

Tabi sings Zavodila:

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin #Tabi


  1. Alternate title: 2 Russians have a competition for the last bottle of vodka

  2. I like how sarvante is scared of ruv when they know each other

  3. Великие подвиги древних русов, в войне с козлами.

  4. Alternative title: two slavs have a conversation in Russian

  5. Tabi: I'm just looking for the bathroom so get out of my way of I will blow everything up! Ruv:NOT IF I DO Tabi: THATS MY LINE!

  6. собрались тут два русских
    смотрим кто сильный

  7. Действительно…. Русские…. 100%…. И ведь не придраться…. Даже нечего сказать против…. Как русский говорю, что это обычный понедельник🫠

  8. Ruv:"well well well…..another russian!"

    Tabi:"well well well…Another enemy!!"

    Ruv: "a fight huh? Well then take my loud voice!!!""

    Tabi:"HOLY CUSS!!!!"

  9. Here, is a battle of Old, and New Russia..

  10. Just Two Russians talking about there life's and fighting over vodka

  11. Me and my cousin debating who is better at playing cod

  12. Suggestion: swing but bosip and whitty sing it

  13. Can't believe I watched these years ago💀

  14. My one is we're selever and agoti sings zavodila

  15. I vote Tabi the winner because he's my only favorite

  16. alternative video title: two Russians quarrel

  17. Moscow countryball [Leader of RUSSIANISM] says:

    как чел из беларуси это также как я с пацанами играю в ксго
    as a belarusian guy this is how i play csgo with my comrades

  18. Two Russian dude after chugging vodka

  19. Just goes to show you that not all Russians are on the same side

  20. The Russians turned into Ohioans for a girl thp😅

  21. Our Russian guys anneal to the fullest!!!!!Woo-hoo!!!!

  22. Ruv (in Russian): Should we drive on the left or right side of the road?
    Tabi (in Russian): Neither, cause iN rUsSiA rOaD iS rOaD dRiVe WhErE yOu WaNt RoAd SaMe RoAd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sarvente: What are they saying…?!

  23. is thought tabi was from the UK but now he is from russian

  24. Never realized tabi was Russian

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