Friday Night Funkin But it's Minecraft Edition -

Friday Night Funkin But it’s Minecraft Edition

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This is what happens when Minecraft world collide with Friday Night Funkin’. A rap battle between Steve and Enderdad. I hope you enjoy it!

Friday Night Funkin’ – Don’t Funk at Night!:

⏱ Timestamps:
0:00 Tutorial (Steve Vs Alex)
1:10 Song 1 (Steve Vs Enderdad)
2:32 Song 2 (Steve Vs Enderdad)
3:57 Song 3 (Steve Vs Enderdad)

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  1. Steve: hello mr. enderman

  2. Is no one talking the fact how to enderman has a giant tongue

  3. Lunar Creeper [2nd channel, main channel tho] says:

    song 1:

    STARE (basic song basic name)

    song 2


    song 3

    eye-of-the-ender (play on eye of the tiger and eye of ender)

  4. Это какую ты мод на по названию Minecraft я это видел

  5. Can’t wait this to become an ad

  6. Boyfriend (steve)
    Girlfriend (alex)
    Daddy dearest (enderman)
    Skid and pump (skeleton and zombie)
    Demon lemon (husk)
    Pico (zombie Piglin)
    Mommy must murder (enderwitch)
    Senpai (sheep)
    Tankman (llama)
    whitty (creeper)
    Tricky (warden)
    Garcello (villager)
    sarvente (Ender dragon)
    Selever (Shulker)
    Ruv (Alley)
    Bob (herobrine)
    Bob phase final (null)
    Sky (ghast)
    Manifest sky (3 headed ghast)
    Starecrown (wither storm)
    Hex (Pama)
    Razassy (vex)

  7. no estan todos los mods

  8. Why couldn’t you have witty as a Enderman second I am stick nodes probably

  9. How did I not notice I messed up again 🤬😡😡😰😥😓

  10. I meant to say SecondI am using this for stick nodes

  11. If pico was a Minecraft player he will be a skeleton

  12. This mod is pretty neat. But it’s similar to A.G.O.T.I. They can’t just hold long enough for a long enough for it to sound significant. It would be a little better if they could hold longer. After about half a second it goes away. All in all, it’s a good mod, but increase the amount of time they can hold notes.

  13. List to completed your animasion mod:

    1)Girllexfriend is (girlfriend)
    2) boystevefriend is (boyfriend)
    3)ender Daddy dearest is (Daddy dearest)
    4)skele skip and pumpkin pump is (skid and pump)
    5)piglinco is (Pico)
    6)Ender mommy maerest is (mommy maerest)
    7)warden demon is (Lemon demon)
    8)wither skele Pai is (senpai)
    9)pilleman is (tankman)
    10)tall creeper is (whitty)

    Ok this to completed you animasion mod.
    Hope this List can help you to completed you animasion mod ok bye-bye guys

  14. I can see week 2 featuring baby zombie with a chicken lol

  15. New commenst to help you to completed you animasion mod

    Alex friends is a(girlfriend)
    Boystevefriend is a(boyfriend)
    Ender dad is a(Daddy dearest)
    Skele kid is a(skid)
    Pumpkin pump is a(pump)
    Piglinco is a(Pico)
    Ender mom is a(mommy maerest)
    Warde demon is a(Lemon demon)
    Wither skele Pai is a(senpai)
    Pilleman is a(tankman)
    Whitper is a(whitty)
    Caro pink is a(player girl which like pink

    Ok new commenst is here please read it ok bye-bye guys

  16. Man if steve has diamond armour it would be cooler

  17. Can't unhear RecD's lyrics, no matter how hard I try, especially during Fresh.


  19. DadBattle why the sound like mining dirt and getting the block as its tiny and Steve picks it up

  20. CuterBlueLove ♥ω♥ (Pink Bubble Gum Oficial) says:

    (My opinon)
    Week 2: skeleton & skeleton dark (as pump & skid)
    Week 3: Zombie (as pico)
    Week 4: Ghast (as mom devil)
    Week 5: Enderman & Ghast (as dad devil & mom devil)
    Week 5 (bônus): Crepper (as Lemon devil)
    Week 6: Zombie pigman (as tankman)
    (This is my opinon ok, don't kill me)

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