Friday Night Funkin' But It's Anime Selever VS BF │ FNF ANIMATION -

Friday Night Funkin’ But It’s Anime Selever VS BF │ FNF ANIMATION

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Friday Night Funkin’ But It’s Anime
Friday Night Funkin – Casanova Remix Animation
Selever VS BF!

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Game Source

Mid-Fight Masses Mod

Remix by: Orenji Music

Voice Cast: Cougar macdowall & Kat dannes


Original ©Mike Geno

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  1. Even with Vegeta energy refuel him, his super saiyan blue isn't enough to Compete Selever

  2. Great Selever won of bf did win i would Rage im mad enough bcs Ruv and Sarv died

  3. I mean Ruv and Sarv are Immortal just like Selever and Rasazy

  4. Selever became Sanji because of his fighting style


  6. 이럭해돼면 모프가 악당 역할인데요.

  7. Allat just for asking where the bathroom is😭🙏

  8. Selever sound Russian …like his dad 💀‼️

  9. Selever fr said “domain expansion”

  10. Crunchyroll has contacted you to put this up have they?

  11. I have watched this Numerous times for the past 2 years and rewatching it is still Great

  12. Ok they need to stop these dam back flashes

  13. میدونستید یک نفر از شما کپی میکنه و میزاره داخل یه سایت به اسم آپارات؟
    بهتره جلوش رو بگیرید
    کاش سلن هم تو این فیلم بود❤

  14. XD aprendió carate😂

  15. This man is insane! How can brk animate that good

  16. I ain’t gonna lie I feel bad for bro,bro really got thrown like a ragdoll and beaten to a pulp and his ignorance of five minutes of life but he was just toying with bf the whole time with his hand in his pockets got damn he has unlocked ultra instinct this MOTHERFUCKER SLEVER IS KICKING HIM AROUND SND JUST PLAYING WITH HIS FOOD AT THIS POINT

  17. Like bra we not even through the last video AND SLEVER IS ALREADY HALF WAY

  18. Como lo tiene de Hijo Selever a Bf mamita! Gano de 3 peleas 2

  19. I remember when this first released in 6th grade 😭♥️

  20. 😂😂😂😂 borfreind are very debil😂😂😂😂

  21. 3:04 me thinking it’s about to turn into that one Jo-Jos song😂

  22. Its been two years and I’m still simping over selever

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