Friday Night Funkin' but EVERYONE SINGS! (Huggy Wuggy, Mickey, Sonic.exe) -

Friday Night Funkin’ but EVERYONE SINGS! (Huggy Wuggy, Mickey, Sonic.exe)

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Today in Friday Night Funkin’, Glitch battles EVERYONE! Including Huggy Wuggy, Sonic, Baldi, Shaggy, Sad Mickey and more.
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  1. People who want glitch to play the amazing digital circus mod

  2. sonic eyx and trolge and amun gus and very mouse sonic exe fnf

  3. this is the best video that I ever seen🥰

  4. That wasn't steve it was herobrine

  5. could you do the rainbow friends one plssss

  6. That's not steve. it's herobrine and can you play that mod

  7. Glitch keeps forgetting about Herobrine man😂

  8. U should check out the bunzo one witch is called playtime I think

  9. I love how you did vs Hank Madness Combat mode because that my favourite character

  10. Mangus😂😂🎉😮❤😅😢😮❤😊😊

  11. Next month starting to eat snax when rn how web

  12. Can you play friday night funkin stickman?

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