Friday Night Funkin Bookey Reskin REMASTER (FULL SHOWCASE) (download in desc and ye) -

Friday Night Funkin Bookey Reskin REMASTER (FULL SHOWCASE) (download in desc and ye)

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Friday Night Funkin:
Friday Night Funkin Bookey Mod (REMASTER!):


after like, 4 months of distracting myself or being busy skgjsdgsg

0:00 Intro
0:45 Tutorial (FB & Bookey)
1:57 – Week 1

2:01 Bopeebo (Evil Bookey Vs Bookey)
3:20 Fresh (Evil Bookey Vs Bookey)
4:45 Dad Battle (Evil Bookey Vs Bookey)

6:16 – Week 2

6:23 Spookeez (Grey Bookey & FB Vs Bookey)
8:04 South (Grey Bookey & FB Vs Bookey)
9:35 Evil Leafy Appears
9:37 Monster (Evil Leafy Vs Bookey)

12:42 – Week 3

12:47 Pico (Salty Vs Bookey)
14:14 Philly Nice (Salty Vs Bookey)
15:58 Blammed (Salty Vs Bookey)
16:46 Light Event!

17:48 – Week 4

17:55 Satin Panties (EvilFB Vs Bookey)
19:34 High (EvilFB Vs Bookey)
21:04 Bookey Stands Up!
21:22 M.I.L.F (EvilFB Vs Bookey)

23:30 – Week 5

23:36 Cocoa (EvilB & Evil FB Vs Bookey)
25:35 Eggnog (EvilB & Evil FB Vs Bookey)
27:11 Something interrupts the party..
27:16 Winter Horrorland (Evil Leafy Vs Bookey)

29:32 – Week 6

29:35 Dialogue 1
30:15 Senpai (Nicholas Vs Bookey)
31:55 Dialogue 2
32:11 Roses (Nicholas Vs Bookey)
33:46 Cutscene 1
33:58 Dialogue 3
34:40 Thorns (G̴͓͋̎͝l̴̡̰͚̥̞̠̭̣͎̄̇̈͐̚ị̴͉̍̿͊̆́͐̐̕͝t̸͓̂̽͠c̷̢͍͚̯̺̖̿̔̊͗̏ͅͅh̴̠͚͆̔̈̕͝ Vs Bookey)

36:30 – Week 7

36:36 Cutscene 2
36:47 Ugh (Shawn Vs Bookey)
38:17 Cutscene 3
38:28 Guns (Shawn Vs Bookey)
40:55 Cutscene 4 (quite messy)
41:30 ADDITIONAL! how the animation wouldve played
41:39 Stress (Shawn Vs Bookey)
42:43 Heh, Pretty Good!
43:45 Cutscene 5
44:12 Ending part


  1. I love how the lightening is replaced by evil leafy and week too

  2. Not really good but it's decent 😕😕

  3. I loved it! If only the week 7 Cutscene would play… but anyway the art style looks good! Great job on this

  4. Every this long time of a years bookey mod from an old released

  5. I really really like week 7 all of a sudden but the end did confused me😕

  6. I like the week selection design, don’t have an exact reason, I just like it.

    ive never been so hyped abt a reskin
    i dont even know what to say im just so impressed
    its that good
    every character looks so alive and fluent!

  8. 1. Loves the animation and event that you add.
    2. Do you think you can make chromatics when the SpongeBob parodies v4.0/3.5 came out
    3. Have a great day 🙂

  9. Good job Bookeymation I love how much you worked on this to show viewers how great you are at making your videos

  10. you are the best bookey you have improved a lot keep it up <3

  11. Best way to feel nostalgia: Complete series

  12. four isn't here anymore 0/10 disgusting do not download its actual shit and it sucks ass /j

  13. Its a bit weird at the part when skid and pump is… also this is my fav

  14. I love this mod skin bestie!!❤❤❤❤❤

  15. missed the chance to make a special sprite for the ascending part in the last week

    jk good job it looks really cool 😀

  16. ik im commenting again but whatevs
    bro if the songs were covers it would be awesome
    it would be so much better
    if they ANY of these characters have chromatics/soundfonts id be more then down to make some vocal covers
    with the chromatics and perms ofc .w.

  17. i wonder how will be test…

    probably old bfdi assets (idfk)

  18. im sorry, now you can make the v2 version of wednesday infidelity?

  19. oh em gee its a pico cameo in stress week 7 oh my god

  20. This overhaul reskin honestly reminds me of the good ol' days of FNF doing those type of mods exist early on, like remix mods (B-Sides, Neo, Starcatcher, etc…), Friendly Night Funkin' (it used to be one; it's now its own thing), and MarshTheMallow's Family Night Funkin' (which is sadly discontinued). Oh, and object shows in FNF mods are good as long as they effort added into them.

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