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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin’. Playing Hypno’s Lullaby again today, but instead of Lost Silver’s Monochrome song it’s remixed with Funtime Freddy! I wonder what happened to Bon Bon ;_; Also checked out the new Insanity Unleashed Undertale mod! Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Hi vapor your content is amazing and soooo entertaining keep up the good work!

  2. Vapor, there are some cool mods: Wednesday's Infidelity, YTP, vs. DanTDM )))) You'll love it

  3. Please react to Total Insecurity by Rockit Gaming please

  4. Freddy are you ok? Will you tell us that you’re ok?

  5. Monochrome is just a catchy beat but the mod look very hard to do

  6. You should do VS Weegee you’ll get a kick out of that.

  7. I normally don't watch these videos, but I'm glad I did, that insanity unleashed mod was awesome, I feel bad for poor Papyrus in the first entry, being used as a mic by his own brother

  8. Yo Vapor, I recommend revisiting Mount Silver! It's got a new update that I think you'll like!

  9. can you react to the fnaf full movie new ending by tony crynight, it's based on the FNAF 2 game i through it was amazing about 10 minutes into it the thing gets voice actors ,not that many people have reacted to it so do you want to be one of the few YouTuber to react to it

  10. 6:12 for those who don't know, this is Insanity!Sans. And he's still as creepy as ever.

  11. Watching Vapor play is like watching bots play! He so good!

  12. did you guys notice that when freddy screamed he sings stone ocean theme


  14. Love your videos you deserve 1million subs

  15. Or ANNIE ARE YOU OKAY? (comes from michael jackson smooth criminal)

  16. Honestly insanity sans is one of my favorite versions, it just shows how low he went just to beat frisk/chara and put a end to their riegn of terror and genocide, he's legit dustsans but flat put just had no remorse, just went completely nuts

  17. I thought you were actually some random person who made a monochrome concept for Funtime Freddy instead. But when I clicked on it, you were there lol.

  18. Vapor check out gvs-s new video you will like it.

  19. Hello Vapor, I really need to tell you something NEW and yes, I Am the person who recommended to you Dominoe Animations, but it doesn't matter now, anyways. Yesterday I found something new and truly SPECIAL. This channel is one month old and is bringing us "creepy interviews" and no, I don't talk about j-gems channel now. This channel is called MD-PTV and there is video you seriously need to watch and make a reaction. The video is called MD-ST-MA Michael Afton Meeting Springtrap 01 (FNAF VHS). Please make a reaction on this video.. it's a super creepy and interesting + turn subtitles on (better audio experience). Thank you and Peace. ✌

  20. Hey Vapor there's a FNAF VHS channel called MD-PTV that does a sires of videos of them interviewing both William and Michael Afton, and is really well done. You have to check them out.

  21. those letters 2:12 look a lot like that pokemon thats unknow does anyone know what im talking about

  22. It's somehow really perfection mod that has ever made glad you beat VaporTheGamer amazing playthrough and hope to see more games like this in the next time

  23. It would be even better if the little pokemon sawn in half that appears behind ft freddy was replaced by bonbon xD

  24. Just think how much sicker the hypno's lullaby song would had been if it was Molten Freddy

  25. "Freddy are you okay?!"
    No gregory, i turned into gold… dumbass

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