Freaky - Lawrence Plays Friday Night Funkin' -

Freaky – Lawrence Plays Friday Night Funkin’

Lawrence Sonntag
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Title & Thumbnail by: Chelsea Schneider
Recorded: March 28, 2021
Platform: PC

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  1. I really hope the creator of this game made the character Lemon Demon based off on Neil Cicierga's Lemon Demon!

  2. this game has amazing music, week 4 is just perfect for me 😀

  3. The most shocking part of this is that Lawrence didn't know who Zone was.

    He's likely been thoroughly educated about her at this point, but I just find it so surprising he hadn't heard of the character before.

    Too many things on the internet, I suppose! Can't expect someone to know everything!

  4. Man I wish week 7 had been out when he played this. It’s my favorite for sure.

  5. Would you ever consider a diy ddr mat build stream?

  6. Awesome vid Lawrence, I was really excited when this showed up in my notifications. Very surprised to see the lights on and no DDR pad.

  7. Much love, Lawrence! Keep up the awesome content

  8. The secret song is my favorite instrumental

  9. Really recommend getting the download version and trying out some of the mods for this game. B side, C side, and Neo are all high quality mods that cover most of the weeks.

  10. The game would be far better if input weren't so weird. Whitty mod introduces a fix to it to some extent.

  11. Maybe if he took her somewhere nice he wouldn't constantly have to rap battle…once they're past the honeymoon period, the first rap battle he turns down is going to be a problem.

  12. Man, at this point I've seen both the Whitty and Tricky mods so often I forgot they aren't in the vanilla game lol. And if somehow this gets read both mods are fantastic and should definitely be looked into!

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