Followed - Friday Night Funkin': VS. Ourple Guy V3 -

Followed – Friday Night Funkin’: VS. Ourple Guy V3

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS. Ourple Guy V3 JUST RELEASED!
FNF VS. Ourple Guy V3 is a Five Nights at Freddy’s Friday Night Funkin’ mod that contains 2 WEEKS and a total of 23 SONGS!
Ourple Guy V3 Mod Download:
😎 Hope you enjoy the video! 😎
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Followed – Friday Night Funkin’: VS. Ourple Guy V3
Ourple Guy is a non-profit Friday Night Funkin’ Mod that adapts Five Nights At Freddy’s! However the mod is not meant to be taken seriously as its just them having goofy fun with these characters, some of which that are either their own interpretation of FNAF characters, or some new characters, too!

0:00 Cutscene/Mechanic
0:21 Followed
1:51 Plushies Fall Down
2:00 Followed
2:36 Freddy’s Part
2:58 Bonnie’s Part
3:20 Chica’s Part
3:41 Foxy’s Part
4:05 Cutscene 2
4:15 Followed


  1. I did not expect them to go this crazy on the v2 of this song woah they gave shadow Freddy probably the best song in this mod.

  2. I love the song but I know if you exsit out of the song shadow freddy does like no more inniince/ddlc thing and its scary hihihihihih o-o

  3. I know that phantom arcade said boyfriend cant feel fear but I feel like this would happen if cannon

  4. GUYS ITS a remake OF monochorme OF hypno lulabby mod they Just added a New chart!

  5. i think this is genuinely one of the best experiences i've had in all of FNF
    like accounting for art, song, cutscenes, gimmicks, this might make my top 3 for favorite FNF songs

  6. the only mod that has actually made me quit out of fear (when you quit in the shadow freddy fight), thanks ourple guy team.

  7. The most banger and fire song in the game. Change my mind

  8. I do Quite enjoy a bit of Eldrich horror in my FNAF.

  9. Funny how Shadow Freddy become entity from scp immediately

  10. old followed was more like prelude to final song – Miller
    while this one is more like true final boss

  11. I really like the vhs shader and the ambience in 5:08, boyfriend´s poses and faces really described his fear of shadow freddy, it was terrifying!

  12. Something about this ending I like is BF technically doesn’t escape, he is trapped in the arcade machine to rot with shadow Freddy, it’s not like other mods where he escapes by some miracle for no reason, and he ACTUALLY looks scared for once. That’s what I really like about this ending.

  13. V2 Shadow Freddy: Mild bangers and a seziure warning.

    V3 Shadow Freddy: A fucking boss fight that makes Miller look easy.

  14. When listening to this song, I randomly get a cover idea of this but it’s the Observer from Databrawl

  15. This is one of the best songs in this mod😃

  16. I hear a reference but I don't remember what is was dammit

  17. The character and the background looks like something out of a curse nightmare and it traumatizes me

  18. THIS SONG IS AMAZING ALONG WITH THE VISUALS. I love how each spirit for each character is like a little easter egg to the games. My favorite designs have to be Foxy and Shadow Freddy looking so mangled and broken. Also the ending is showing that BF is trapped within an old arcade while losing his sanity

    I don't think I'll stop saying this but FNF MODDERS ARE BUILT DIFFERENT.

  19. Honestly one of the best fnf songs I've ever seen the music the visuals everything about the song and mod is great

  20. Don't worry, BF. GF is coming to save you. Again.

  21. oh my god I just realized when the plushies fall, chica’s is the first.., she was the first, she had seen everything
    another cool thing is the fnaf 3 ambience?? I think? that you can hear throughout the song. Unless I’m insane and it’s not actually there

  22. I like how BF was slowly losing his mind during the song, as if Shadow Freddy is somehow entering and corrupting his brain

  23. Best song in fnf history. HANDS. DOWN. SO F#CKING PEAK!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. The gimmick is a really cool way to have a fnf boss fight

  25. Everything about this. EVERYTHING. The godlike visuals, the unrelenting force that's the composition of this song, the feeling and knowledge that BF isn't bullshitting his way outta this one. It's just perfection from 0:00 to 5:58.

    3:42 That's all that needs to be said. Just 3:42. You'll know when you get there.

  26. 3:41 His chromatic reminds me a lot of Trolljak from the Crunchin mod

  27. To think that this mod turned shadow freddy into lovecraftian monstrosity it honestly brainfucking for me.

  28. The sudden change in pace in foxys part IS CRAZY

  29. do any of you recognize that tempo at the start of the song? i cant remember the name of the song that originally had it.

  30. Just say NO NOT NOW I HAVE YOUTUBE TO DO says:

    This is like walking into the den of a insane man's nightmare there is so much happening at once but at the same time so little reason for it.

  31. Idea time!

    What if shadow Freddy is not actually trying to hurt/kill you? Not even scare you what if he was the 6th kid? (PERSONAL LORE)
    He sees your having fun with the others so he thought he could do it as well he only wants to have fun but due to his nature he looks very scary and hides but this time he wants to have fun……(part 2 coming soon?)

  32. I feel like forcthe puppet part when their turn ended then the stuffies would fall to the ground instead of disappearing

  33. I tried to quit mid song, and now I’m not going anywhere close to my computer.

    Im playing it at 2:00 AM, and is currently very scared.

  34. I like to think in this shadow Freddy is a demon that caused the missing children incident

  35. Lowkey the purple Freddy reminds me of First Instance Godzilla

  36. This is the peak.

    We reached it.

    In a joke mod about a joke from the funny bear horror game.


  37. This song hits different while half asleep

  38. The first time you try to quit this song in the middle of it you get this…entity just staring at you, followed by the game locking up so bad you have to end it in task manager

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