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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin’. Playing the highly anticipated VS FNAF 3 mod and it’s sooooo good! Enjoy 🙂

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  1. I actually love how they made this mod a lot more grafic than the first two fnaf mods, it improved so much holliiii best mod 😀

    btw, voice acting, nooooo, he's gone too far this time

  2. bro i love that we are the phantoms reference at the end really cool 😎😎😎😎😎

  3. I came for funny beep booping and good music. Not good music and depression.(Also may be just me but BF's speaking voice is honestly annoying)

  4. I hoped you liked this mod vapor I did it’s a cool mod pouria did a good job on this mod the Fnf vs fnaf 3 is cool my favorite part is this 23:57 I hope pouria makes a fnaf 4 vs fnf

  5. The ‘Totally real’ song has all the hoaxes in fnaf. The fredbear was what the community thought the new anamtronic for fnaf 3 was gonna be and phantom Bonnie well is phantom Bonnie.

  6. Funny enough I was in the livestream for the mod release.

  7. not even mentioning these midi remixes of those fnaf 3 classics, freaking amazing to listen to with headphones

  8. Totally Real have the most famous fake animatronics (and non-animatronics) that fooled alot of people thinking they are real.

    The withered toys was mainly created because of the withered animatronics from FNaF 2 and Mangle.

    Do I really need to explain the Withered BB and Withered Puppet thing? (Also they are behind some of the characters so, yeah)

    Golden Toy Freddy obviously was created because of Golden Freddy. The myths say that if you put 198 in Toy Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, he would appear.

    Cursed Plushies was speculated to be a easter egg, similar to the Parts and Service easter egg in FNaF 1. When you put down your tablet, all the plushies in your desk in FNaF 2 would have that white dot eye.

    Gray Puppet first appeared in a fake video by RoXo1987, where the game glitches and the letters S-A-V-E-T-H-E-M is said loudly and then the Gray Puppet jumpscare appears.

    Purple Guy Animatronic is very known, again, it was a fake image by RoXo1987 where he said that for just one frame, he saw this Purple Guy Animatronic after taking off the mask.

    Jack-O-Trap was made before FNaF 4 Halloween DLC's release. They said he was going to be a enemy here which, could make sense for a halloween but It didn't appeared.

    Nightmare JJ exists because of the other existence of Nightmare BB, simple as that. It was said that if you were lucky, instead of entering the Fun With BB minigame, you would enter the Fun With JJ minigame.

    Sparky is the most famous of all of them. He was the biggest legend of FNaF 1, fooling almost everyone. The myths say that, there's a very rare chance of you finding him peeking through the door on Part and Services camera.

    Shadow Toy Freddy exist obviously because of Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie. Many FNaF hoaxes makers had this rule of that, if exist a version of that, definitely exist that version for another animatronic.

    The Phantom Toys use the same rule has Withered Toys one. They were probably the first myth after FNaF 3 release. (Not counting the ones that were created before FNaF 3 release)

    Shadow BB was like a rarer version of Shadow Bonnie. Only in mobile ports, Shadow BB would replace Shadow Bonnie sometimes, being even rarer than him.

    FNaF 3 Circus Teaser was a fake teaser that many people believed. Every time a new FNaF was announced, there was always someone speculating the game to take place in a Circus.

    Unwhitered Bonnie is also famous, was only a fanmade fixed version of Bonnie, not a actual hoax.

    The FNaF 3 Teaser photo on the table, is a fake one. Obviously, FNaF 3 was the most hyped game from 2015 probably and so, everyone was exicited for teasers and kinda believed everything.

    Toy Markplier was just a meme, but, many people was hoping to see some homage to Markplier since he made the game very big.

    Sinister Golden Freddy was more like a misinformation than a hoax. He was created to the FNaF Fangame called "Sinister Turmoil", but, many people spread it as Nightmare Golden Freddy and it became a hoax not intentional.

    Chrome Freddy was created after FNaF 3 release. It consisted of a series of things that you had to do within the game so that on night 4, you would get a jumpscare from him. Chrome Freddy was a joke by a YouTuber called JIMBOTHY, with no intention of making anyone actually believe it.

    Salvage or Fredtrap was very popular after a FNaF 3 teaser showing a part of Springtrap face. Many people saw it and tried to make a model out of that by using has a base the image of that face but duplicated and reversed to look like a actual full face. The theorists were speculating that animatronic to be Withered Fredbear and this was the most popular theory about FNaF 3.

    Phantom Bonnie have a very obvious creating, a missing Bonnie in FNaF 3. Since no Bonnie exist on the game, people were confused and started to create a theory that Phantom Bonnie were in the game codes. We all know he don't exist in FNaF 3 because of Springtrap already being a bunny.

  9. One of my fav songs is the piemations one. Did not expect that song lol

  10. 4:12 Slight Thing I just noticed, I think the beginning has a reference to the song called run run, it’s a fnaf 3 song made by ChaoticCanineCulture

  11. He should had said what i said alot of years ago 2:00

  12. This is my 5th time watching the full gameplay of this mod. I watched it on every channel that uploaded it

  13. Foxy, there was no need to jumpscare us. We are on your side. 8:24

  14. This was awesome, very cool! Love how they design them especially Springtrap because all the details.

    26:35 "we are the phantoms"? im not sure!
    33:42 Left behind?

  15. Look at what FNAF has come to

    Scott Cawthon, you changed horror forever

  16. This whole mod is so dang amazing, from the animations, to the charting. I have made my return to the FNF Community now.

  17. 59:00 the creator of this mod for endo revenge didn't put the nightmare version of the endos

  18. Do the rodenttrap mod its a cool sonic mod

  19. I’m still confused as to how boyfriend is SO FUCKING SCARED AND WAS SCARRED BY SINGING ROBOTS, but literal demons that know so many ways of torture don’t even faze him.

  20. I’m confused shadow Freddy is cc right why is he betraying him them?

  21. The intro song is “It’s time to die” by da games

  22. dear mister gamer the vapor, im here to ask you the question of will you be reacting to hazbin hotel

  23. 52:45 This is like the 4th time now that I’ve heard a song that sounds like Blubber from Ourple Guy V2, it’s seriously so weird how this motif (or SIMILAR sounding motifs to this one) keep showing up in completely different mods.

    I’ve heard it in: Blubber from Ourple Guy, Blood Rage from Antipathy, K**ts from 7QUID, and now Waffles in VS. FNAF 3, there’s gotta be an official name for this phenomenon…

  24. In the very last song, you fight Phantom Golden Freddy, an easter egg from FNaF 3 who only ever appears in the far left of your office in the corner of your screen, I only found out about this easter egg 4 years ago

  25. Only thing I got to say unless it’s a creator choice is that phantom bb in game doesn’t have a sign or balloon. But it’s a minor critique the mod is crazy I love it

  26. 12:2012:23 was the iconic "man behind the slaughter" music in case you didnt notice, Vapor

  27. 38:28 That's JJ as a phantom you dingus! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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