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FNF Vs. FNaF 2 (Full) – Playthrough [Friday Night Funkin’ Mods]

Pouria SFMs
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After 6 months of hard work
We did it!
You did it!
Thank you guys for all your support and everything
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Thank you all again, see you soon

0:00 Disclaimer
0:34 Animation Preview
1:15 Intro
1:39 Menu
2:03 Cutscene 1 (BF & GF Enter the Pizzeria)
3:57 Toy Freddy Song (Join the Band)
5:19 I’m Friend with Everyone
6:30 Wanna play some more ?
6:40 Cutscene 2 (Toy Bonnie Challenges BF)
7:02 Toy Bonnie Song (Hop To It)
8:09 Shadow Bonnie Takes Over
9:05 Shadow Bonnie Leaves
9:35 Cutscene 3 (Toy Chica Takes BF with her )
9:58 Toy Chica Song (Pecking Order)
10:14 Ah… Chicken
11:29 Balloon Boy rips Chica’s Beak
11:40 Toy Chica is Pissed
12:28 You won’t get tired of my voice will you ?
13:05 Cutscene 4 (BF runs away from Chica)
13:38 Mangle Song (Cerberus)
14:06 Shows Herself
14:28 Mangle Jumpscare
14:49 Now I get to play…
14:56 Comes Closer
15:31 First Person View
15:58 Mangle Jumpscare2
16:42 Cutscene 5 (BF Escapes from Toy Chica & Mangle and meets Withered Freddy)
17:18 Withered Freddy Song (Fallen Star)
18:19 Static Camera View
18:46 Freddy Jumpscare
19:12 First Person View
19:39 Cutscene 6 (BF escapes from Withered Freddy)
20:34 Withered Bonnie Song (Faceless)
21:47 Vent Camera View
22:08 Back to Normal
22:32 Cutscene 7 (BF escapes from Withered Bonnie)
23:00 Withered Chica Song (Broken Jaws)
23:40 I was the First…
24:29 Come closer…
24:33 Camera Angle View
24:54 Chica Stands Up
25:30 Cutscene 8 (BF meets Withered Foxy)
25:55 Withered Foxy Song (Pirate’s Curse)
26:39 Foxy Attacks BF
27:46 Dead End
28:19 Awast ye…
28:34 Starts Running Again
29:24 Cutscene 9 (BF escapes Foxy)
29:55 Vs All Toys (Eternal Playdate)
31:34 Toy Bonnie joins the party
31:44 Shadow Bonnie shows himself
32:29 Toy Chica is a new challenger
33:11 Chica Jumpscare
33:32 I’ve got a special present…
33:44 It’s so much more fun
33:49 Mangle Comes In
34:40 Puppet Saves BF
35:01 Cutscene 10 (Puppet saves BF and he faces the Withers)
35:23 Vs All the Withers (Your Old Friends)
36:24 Withered Chica joins in
37:28 Withered Foxy Comes in
38:27 Withered Freddy Appears
38:49 Turns Around
38:59 Freddy Jumpscares
39:17 Freddy Jumpscares (again)
39:18 The final battle with the withers
39:45 Cutscene 11 (Golden Freddy is here)
40:10 Golden Freddy Song (Golden Vengeance)
42:48 Golden Freddy Gets Up
44:18 Security Puppet
44:19 Goes Back
45:11 Bap – Golden Freddy Starts Flying
45:35 Golden Freddy Jumpscare
46:15 Golden Freddy Slowing Down
46:35 Golden Freddy Leaves
46:52 Thanks for Playing
48:19 Balloon Boy Song (Helium)
48:57 JJ Appear + Balloons
49:27 JJ Starts Distracting
50:06 Goes Back to Normal
50:42 Gamer Fazbear Song
51:54 Mr Hugs Joins In
52:42 Rage Quit
53:15 Challeng-Fredd – Challeng-Edd but Toy Freddy sings it
53:39 Chica Appears
54:31 Mangle Comes In
55:57 Mangle Dies By BB
56:16 Freddy FartBear Song (Splinks Freddy)
58:33 Crashed my pc like wtf ????
58:45 Welcome Old Song (Old Freddy Voice like what was i thinking)
1:00:23 NightShift Remake (Withered Freddy)
1:03:18 Flashing Lights Remake (The Puppet)
1:04:34 Goes Dark Mode
1:06:12 Goes Back
1:06:37 Shadows Remake (Shadow Bonnie)
1:08:13 Gets Covered in AGONY
1:09:10 Shadow Freddy Song (Enigma)
1:09:43 Shows Himself
1:10:27 Shadow Bonnie Appears
1:11:44 Credits

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  1. Can you do challenge edd end mix but baby-Edd boyfriend and funtime Freddy-Tord sing it. Note funtime foxy is Matt and ballora is Tom please

  2. My boi Withered Bonnie getting some love. The vocals are perfect

  3. This is amazing! I love all of the fnaf song references in this! Especially the refrance to The Puppet Song by Tryhardninja as it's one of my favorite songs. (It's the Puppet's solo song in Golden Vengeance)

  4. good job this is my favourite mod of fnaf for fnf

  5. I enjoyed hearing the references to other fnaf songs I’m glad this mod was made 😃

  6. Nice reference to the “let me in” song in Foxy’s song when they stop running and take a break

  7. This mod is just masterpiece. i can’t believe yall made it this good🙏🏼 this is the best fnf mod so far i ever liked in my whole life.

  8. Heathers but circus baby ballora funtime chica and Verónica but mangle normal

  9. in your world of fnf x fnaf, would this be before, or after the fnaf 1 mod?

  10. I don’t know why but why does withered Freddy’s voice kinda remind me of sans voice 🤔

  11. i mean i will say that fallen star is the best song but nothing can beat freddy fartbear 🗿

  12. FNF Vs. FNaF 2 (Full) – Timestamp
    Disclaimer 0:00
    Animation Preview: 0:33
    Intro: 1:14
    Menu: 1:38
    Week Selection: 1:46

    Week T "(Something New!)"

    Cutscene 1 (BF and GF enter the Pizzeria): 2:27

    Song 1 Toy Freddy – Join The Band – Penove: 3:56

    Cutscene 2 (Toy Bonnie Challanges BF): 6:39

    Song 2 Toy Bonnie – Hop To It – Penove: 7:01, 8:09 Shadow Bonnie, 9:05 Toy Bonnie.

    Cutscene 3 (Toy Chica takes BF with her): 9:35

    Song 3 Toy Chica – Pecking Order – Penove: 9:57

    Cutscene 4 (BF runs away from Chica): 13:05

    Song 4 The Mangle – Cerberus – Penove: 13:37

    Week W "(Something Borrowed…)

    Cutscene 5 (BF escapes from Toy Chica & Mangle and meets Withered Freddy): 16:42

    Song 5 Withered Freddy – Fallen Star – Thunder92: 17:18

    Cutscene 6 (BF escapes from Withered Freddy): 19:38

    Song 6 Withered Bonnie – Faceless – Penove: 20:33

    Cutscene 7 (BF escapes from Withered Bonnie): 22:32

    Song 7 Withered Chica – Broken Jaws – Penove: 23:01

    Cutscene 8 (BF meets Withered Foxy): 25:31

    Song 8 Withered Foxy – Pirate’s Curse – Penove: 25:55

    Finale "(The Finale)"

    Cutscene 9 (BF escapes Foxy): 29:23

    Song 9 Vs All Toys – Eternal Playdate – Penove: 29:56 Toy Freddy, 31:34 Toy Bonnie, 31:44 Toy Bonnie & Shadow Bonnie, 32:28 Toy Chica, 33:44 The Mangle, 34:42 Marionette/The Puppet.

    Cutscene 10 (Puppet saves BF and faces the Withers): 35:01

    Song 10 Vs All the Withers – Your Old Friends – Penove & Thunder92: 35:22 Withered Bonnie, 36:23 Withered Chica, 37:27 Withered Foxy, 38:27 Withered Freddy.

    Cutscene 11 (Golden Freddy Is here): 39:49

    Song 11 Golden Freddy – Golden Vengeance – Penove: 40:10 Withered Golden Freddy, 44:19 Marionette/The Puppet, 44:51 Withered Golden Freddy.

    Thanks For Playing: 46:52


    Balloon Boy – Helium – Thunder92: 48:19

    Toy Freddy Vs. Mr. Hugs – Gamer Fazbear – Thunder92: 50:42

    Vs. Toy Freddy & The Mangle – Challeng Fredd – Philiplol & Penove: 53:15

    Splinks Freddy – Freddy Fartbear – PouriaSFMs: 56:16

    Withered Freddy – Welcome – ??? PouriaSFMs? (Old Freddy Voice like what was i thinking?): 58:45

    Withered Freddy – NightShift (Remake) – Thunder92: 1:00:23

    Marionette/The Puppet – Flashing Lights (Music Box) (Remake) – Dheusta: 1:03:18

    Shadow Bonnie – Shadows (Remake) – Thunder92 : 1:06:36

    Shadow Freddy & Shadow Bonnie – Enigma – Penove: 1:09:10

    Credits: 1:11:43: PouriaSFMs: animator, coder, Penove: Music Composer, c00t doggo: Charter, Thunder92yt: Music Composer, beph: Icon artist

    Thank You For Your Patience and Your Support: 1:12:15

    I've worked on this for 2 hours hope you like it.
    Happy FNaF 2's 8th anniversary!

  13. Man this was a great follow up to the first mod

    Kinda disappointed there was no 5 am a Freddy’s song

  14. Imagine when he gets to Fnf vs Ultimate Custom Night what the final song will be. I'd call it 50/20 Mode, the first song to introduce checkpoints but the catch is that the song is 50 minutes long. If you wanna be that completionist there could be like an hard mode, you have to play the whole song in one attempt, no checkpoints. One shot, you die and it's back to the beginning. Just imagine how chaotic that could be.

  15. When golden freddy was sitting crying child standing Cassidy when flying both

  16. It was like bf and Charlie vs crying child then Cassidy vs Charlie then both vs bf and charlie

  17. good job pouria from iran waiting for 6 month worth for that

  18. No challenge-fredd withered mix😢?
    No Withered Triple Trouble😢?

  19. Descansa amorcito de mi mamá si vas al parecer es lo más

  20. Now all we need is a fnaf soulsborne game and my day is made.

  21. I cant tell you how many times I replayed hop to it, literally LOVE it so much!

  22. This mod is possibly one of the best mods I have played, do you mind if I use golden vengeance for an animation I'm working one?

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