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FNF Vs. FNaF 2 (Full) – Playthrough [Friday Night Funkin’ Mods]

Pouria SFMs
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After 6 months of hard work
We did it!
You did it!
Thank you guys for all your support and everything
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Thank you all again, see you soon

0:00 Disclaimer
0:34 Animation Preview
1:15 Intro
1:39 Menu
2:03 Cutscene 1 (BF & GF Enter the Pizzeria)
3:57 Toy Freddy Song (Join the Band)
5:19 I’m Friend with Everyone
6:30 Wanna play some more ?
6:40 Cutscene 2 (Toy Bonnie Challenges BF)
7:02 Toy Bonnie Song (Hop To It)
8:09 Shadow Bonnie Takes Over
9:05 Shadow Bonnie Leaves
9:35 Cutscene 3 (Toy Chica Takes BF with her )
9:58 Toy Chica Song (Pecking Order)
10:14 Ah… Chicken
11:29 Balloon Boy rips Chica’s Beak
11:40 Toy Chica is Pissed
12:28 You won’t get tired of my voice will you ?
13:05 Cutscene 4 (BF runs away from Chica)
13:38 Mangle Song (Cerberus)
14:06 Shows Herself
14:28 Mangle Jumpscare
14:49 Now I get to play…
14:56 Comes Closer
15:31 First Person View
15:58 Mangle Jumpscare2
16:42 Cutscene 5 (BF Escapes from Toy Chica & Mangle and meets Withered Freddy)
17:18 Withered Freddy Song (Fallen Star)
18:19 Static Camera View
18:46 Freddy Jumpscare
19:12 First Person View
19:39 Cutscene 6 (BF escapes from Withered Freddy)
20:34 Withered Bonnie Song (Faceless)
21:47 Vent Camera View
22:08 Back to Normal
22:32 Cutscene 7 (BF escapes from Withered Bonnie)
23:00 Withered Chica Song (Broken Jaws)
23:40 I was the First…
24:29 Come closer…
24:33 Camera Angle View
24:54 Chica Stands Up
25:30 Cutscene 8 (BF meets Withered Foxy)
25:55 Withered Foxy Song (Pirate’s Curse)
26:39 Foxy Attacks BF
27:46 Dead End
28:19 Awast ye…
28:34 Starts Running Again
29:24 Cutscene 9 (BF escapes Foxy)
29:55 Vs All Toys (Eternal Playdate)
31:34 Toy Bonnie joins the party
31:44 Shadow Bonnie shows himself
32:29 Toy Chica is a new challenger
33:11 Chica Jumpscare
33:32 I’ve got a special present…
33:44 It’s so much more fun
33:49 Mangle Comes In
34:40 Puppet Saves BF
35:01 Cutscene 10 (Puppet saves BF and he faces the Withers)
35:23 Vs All the Withers (Your Old Friends)
36:24 Withered Chica joins in
37:28 Withered Foxy Comes in
38:27 Withered Freddy Appears
38:49 Turns Around
38:59 Freddy Jumpscares
39:17 Freddy Jumpscares (again)
39:18 The final battle with the withers
39:45 Cutscene 11 (Golden Freddy is here)
40:10 Golden Freddy Song (Golden Vengeance)
42:48 Golden Freddy Gets Up
44:18 Security Puppet
44:19 Goes Back
45:11 Bap – Golden Freddy Starts Flying
45:35 Golden Freddy Jumpscare
46:15 Golden Freddy Slowing Down
46:35 Golden Freddy Leaves
46:52 Thanks for Playing
48:19 Balloon Boy Song (Helium)
48:57 JJ Appear + Balloons
49:27 JJ Starts Distracting
50:06 Goes Back to Normal
50:42 Gamer Fazbear Song
51:54 Mr Hugs Joins In
52:42 Rage Quit
53:15 Challeng-Fredd – Challeng-Edd but Toy Freddy sings it
53:39 Chica Appears
54:31 Mangle Comes In
55:57 Mangle Dies By BB
56:16 Freddy FartBear Song (Splinks Freddy)
58:33 Crashed my pc like wtf ????
58:45 Welcome Old Song (Old Freddy Voice like what was i thinking)
1:00:23 NightShift Remake (Withered Freddy)
1:03:18 Flashing Lights Remake (The Puppet)
1:04:34 Goes Dark Mode
1:06:12 Goes Back
1:06:37 Shadows Remake (Shadow Bonnie)
1:08:13 Gets Covered in AGONY
1:09:10 Shadow Freddy Song (Enigma)
1:09:43 Shows Himself
1:10:27 Shadow Bonnie Appears
1:11:44 Credits

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  1. And the withered animotronics are killing bf

  2. This is awesome! 😮 my favorite song is the fallen star and golden vengeance I love this mod❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. There are fnaf song refrences i just dont know all the names

  4. Pouria man you are the best fnf mod creator you and your dope ass team. Yall managed to use the jump scare in a way to make it banger. You used a vaccum and made that a banger. I bet you could make a banger from anything that has sound.

  5. Freddy fartbear is the prototype fnf song.

  6. this mod pretty much recreates the pain i feel when i burn my tongue
    no seriously i burned my tongue rn and it was hurting for the last hour send help

  7. Hello pouria can you add jumpscares in fnaf 2 please like the fnaf 1

  8. ti toppppppp👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻!

  9. I likes toy chica's part 11:3 & more like W bunny mangle toy bonnie w chica w foxy toy freddy thats all my fav

  10. Friday Night Gachin 2 | Aaron Gacha Heros Channel says:

    Where did you get the 321 go from

  11. I'm so happy to hear that I feel like I'm dreaming and even carried away by a dream

  12. tremendous work thank you very much for bringing it to us

  13. Kdbdm fundamental f

  14. Que bueno esta la buenota de toy chica aunque tal vez nadie hable español :v

  15. Addition to the game: return the deadly keys in each withered anamatronic

    AHHHHHH (Springlocks)

  17. Friday Night Gachin 2 | Aaron Gacha Heros Channel says:

    How this game 1 hour but has 18 songs

  18. I’d like to see someone try to time stamp every reference to either a fnaf song or the fnaf 1 mod in here

  19. Could you give you the exact ones THAT YOU TREAT LIKE SHIT but I don't know why you need something dnt be like that I have to work today and you took it upon yourself and then I was trying it for a few days of receiving a letter that was the first thing to do it or after the 1st and the bonnet of your time and I have a scheduled hearing on Monday and I am not sure how much time I have a few days of the day I have a apartment in my apartment that is in a sec to the house so I don't have to come to work the your house or not but to am

  20. sorry guys my device gone turning off pi**es me of says:

    Comunitygame updated chapters and he's cursing

  21. In the game toy chica takes off her beak and eyes it is true

    1:15 Intro
    1:26 Main Menu
    1:38 Menu
    1:46 All Weeks

    2:11 Cutscenes: 1:BF & GF Go To A Pizzeria
    4:32 This is FUN !
    5:19 I am friends with EVERYONE !
    6:31 Wanna play more ?

    6:41 Cutscenes: 2 :T.Bonnie Challenges BF
    7:01 [HOPE TO IT SONG]
    8:09 S.Bonnie Takes Over T.Bonnie
    9:04 T.Bonnie Takes The Control
    9:30 ERRORED Of S.Bonnie

    9:34 Cutscenes: 3 :T.Chica Takes BF
    10:14 Ahhh… Chicken !
    11:32 BB Rips T.Chica Beak
    12:28 U Wont get tired of my voice will u

    13:05 Cutscenes: 4 :BF Enters Part & Service
    13:37 [CERBERUS SONG]
    14:49 Now I Get Too play…
    14:56 Comes Closer
    15:31 1st Person Vie

    16:43 Cutscenes: 5 :BF Escape Mangle
    17:20 [FALLEN STAR]
    17:29 Don't See Me As Big Teddy Bear..
    18:19 Camera Angle Changes
    19:13 1st Person View

    Faceless, Broken Jaw, Pirate's Curse, Eternal Daydate, Freddy Fartbear, Your Old Friend, Golden Vengeance, Helium, Gamer Fazbear, Welcome, Shadows, Shadow Freddy,flashing light, Flashing Light, Challeng-Fredd- Coming Soon…🤗🤗 Maybe 1-4004 Days
    Viewers: W.I.T. ∆

  23. I came to jam with cool beats in the middle of a very intense rainstorm.

  24. I like that Scott aloud them too give them voises

  25. because whithered bonnie didn't have jumpscare

  26. I won't be surprised if someone made a mod for security breach where you play as BF and glamrock Freddy is toy Freddy

  27. Quick questions: how did bf find golden Freddy? + how did puppet came with bf?

  28. i cant believe i spent more than an our here

  29. That mod is my favorite I like fallen star and your old friends

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