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FNF Vs. FNaF 1 (Full) – Playthrough [Friday Night Funkin’ Mods]

Pouria SFMs
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Hey there
Here it is !
The mod you’ve been waiting for two months is finally here
Thanks a lot to Penove for his AMAZING BANGERS
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Be sure to watch it till the end so you won’t miss a thing
Thank you guys a lot for all of your support and everything, I never thought i could reach this far
And here’s the mod if you wanna play it :

I hope you enjoy it
Here’s my discord server :

00:00 Start menu
00:20 Week F
00:52 Cutscene 1
01:36 The Fazbear Song
03:30 Cutscene 2
03:48 İnside The Shell Song
06:00 Cutscene 3
06:22 Broken İnside Song
09:00 Week B
09:13 Cutscene 4
09:51 First To Go song
11:38 Cutscene 5
11:52 Terrorizing song
14:05 Cutscene 6
14:41Shut The Door Song
17:32 Week C
17:46 Cutscene 7
19:03 Midnight Snack Song
20:43 Cutscene 8
21:14 Rummager Song
23:19 Cutscene 9
23:50 One More Bite Song
27:10 Week P
27:25 Cutscene 10
27:51 Pirate Adventure Song
29:45 Cutscene 11
30:03 Walk the Plank Song
32:48 Cutscene 12
33:00 Lost at SeaSong
36:22 THD
36:37 Cutscene 13
37:11 The Happiest Day Song
37:11 THD Golden Freddy
37:35 THD Freddy
38:28 THD Bonnie
39:28 THD Chica
40:25 THD Foxy
41:12 THD Golden Freddy
41:53 THD the whole gang
43:43 Cutscene 14
44:23 Beatbox Song
45:47 Freddy Fazballs song
45:02 Power Outage Song
49:07 Backroom Song
51:54 missing animations/Jumpscares

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  1. Я тоже пыталась в это играть никак не получается зависает

  2. Why does no one care about these really high quality phenomenal underrated mods but they care about funny bomb man go brrr? I'm not bashing whitty, it is amazing for fnf and indie cross is really good too, but I'd say this is better in terms of songs and character designs (the mechanics are pretty stupid but they make the fnaf mod what it is and without them this mod would be a bit bland. I am also a bit of a biased fnaf fan so yeah say all you want about whitty and indie cross and also hotline 024 but this is better in my opinion.) Pouria is underrated as heck and that is a fact, you go man!

  3. ไพบูลย์ บัวผัน says:

    five nights at freddy's is a definitive family game, the bear family.

  4. And if you look in the back ground there is Foxy in the first song

  5. 😂🚀🚉⛽🚥🚦🚁✈⏳⏰♈🅰㊙✔✔✅✅✅

  6. I like how bonnie is not giving up and the cutseens are good good job great video

  7. You know what would be cool a Fnf mod based of the fnaf musical by random encounters

  8. Leaves at Freddy's and I don't want to see you when you get home and I don't want to see you when you get home and I don't want to

  9. Boyfriend: up
    Golden Freddy: ah?
    Boyfriend: N-

  10. the ammount of times i heard the rapping paart of the fnaf song by the living tombstones
    is insane

  11. Does anyone else think Golden Freddy moves very funny with his mouth open. Like it is scary in a certain light, but the erratic movements make him look like he is shouting at the cat.

  12. During Bonnie’s first song, I thought I saw Sparky the Dog but nope, that was Foxy

  13. Ahh my dreams have come true i wanted this mod for like 5moths before this was added

  14. OMG This is The Best Friday Night Funkin Mod Ever The Animation/the Robotics Physics of all Animatronic Was Amazing It Was Absolutely Terryfying And Give Me Nostalgia

  15. This the best mod I've ever seen in my opinion.

  16. Walking the plank songs sounds like it’s time to die from fnaf3

  17. My favorite song is the song of puppet.

  18. this mod is literally amazing and i got to say, for someone who has been part of the fnaf communtiy since fnaf 3 came out, i have been wonerng when fnaf was gonna get their own fnf mod but when this came out, i was turely amazed by how you and your team did the mod, the cutsences, the models, the songs, everything. huge congrats.


  20. 0:47
    "Freddy and friends are tired of your shit" That sent me 💀💀💀

  21. wow video spuper video👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  22. Why is the Puppet on BF's side when he's rapping against the fnaf crew?

  23. Does anyone still have this version
    (And does anyone still have the demo?)

  24. I love all 3 Bonnie's song's 😄😄😄

  25. 45:05
    The faz balls song was in the beatbox song section so this should be the correct timing

  26. Respect for you. Cus I don't think I would be able to do that without rage cwiting

  27. I liked the songs of the crossover of FNF VS FNAF 1🤩 how would be the FNF VS FNAF 2🤔

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