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FNF Playtime VS Huggy Wuggy All Phases – Friday Night Funkin Animation

Fera Animations
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Watch Huggy Wuggy vs Elmo Exe:

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  1. I hate poppy i love pico and boyfriend!

  2. Jon gamer means Trevor Henderson SCP bendy says:


  3. Eu gostei do seu vídeo pode fazer outro

  4. All this, over a plushie… A FRICKIN PLUSHIE!!! I mean, I loved the animation don't get me wrong but, if all Huggy wanted was a plushie, the game would've been WAY too easy.

  5. Huggy Wuggy is scary but your one is nice and goofy💙💜

  6. 𝓚𝓸𝓴𝓾𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓫𝓸 says:

    um well lets said that huggy wuggy is a nice persone okay

  7. the henry stickmin mario and sonic channel says:

    Huggy wuggy turns final phase
    Me: that's a big sussy

  8. This was both a sad and happy animation and I liked it

  9. I love how you guys make it funny in the video, it's really funny, it's so entertaining

  10. Ya me harte de poppy playtime sube el mismo contenido de antes

  11. 3837eudjeue6h3i4ucwj3if7w637373uehdheyeh3ueudhdhdjwuuxhdiise8eueu3737eysje8e7hfjdi273hdie8u2u2uwiehfdjdjfufffffffffuuuuuuuuuukkkk

  12. FERA stupid ajajajajaajaajajajajajaja 🙂

  13. So stupid jaja pheach ajajajajaajaajajajajajaja oooo stupid

  14. did you see? Huggy Turned into a Egg lol eggy wuggy

  15. bueno el video pero cuando haggy wuggy se volvio gordo no me gusto

  16. Gracias fera muchas gracias

  17. O fera então me desculpe mas vou para de ser seu inscrito not inscrito me desculpe mas tamos juntos no coração 😔💗💖💞💕

  18. Haey Fera pwees make Unknown suffering man

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