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FNF Playtime – But Everyone Sings It 🎤 (Different Characters Sing It)VS Huggy Wuggy

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In this video you will see how different characters sing playtime, that is, Different characters sings it but each opponent sings a different character. Not FNF ejected, different characters sing or My battle, but characters sing, but hope you enjoy it anyway!

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GenoX – -…
Blantados – …

Mods used:
▪️V.S Huggy Wuggy HD

▪️V.S ONLINE VS Hank –
▪️V.S QT Mod – …
▪️V.S Bob and Bosip – …
▪️V.S. AGOTI Full Week

▪️ V.S. TABI Ex Boyfriend

▪️VS The Full-Ass Tricky Mod

▪️VS Friday Night Funkin’ ONLINE VS. [HANK UPDATE]

▪️VS Flippy FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

▪️VS Void
▪️VS Fizz
▪️VS Kapi
▪️VS Zardy

▪️VS Eleted
▪️VS Bendy

▪️VS Squid game
Mod for Friday Night Funkin’

▪️VS MickeyMouse.exe: …
▪️VS. Sonic.Exe:
▪️VS Pinkie

▪️VS Arch

▪️VS HD Sonic

▪️VS Herobrine

▪️VS Mokey

▪️VS Gets Troll Tails

▪️VS MickeyMouse.exe:
▪️VS The Shaggy

▪️VS Huggy Wuggy

▪️VS UnderSwap Sans,Papyrus

▪️VS Shrek

▪️VS Mickey Vs Sans

▪️VS Little Man Two

Thank you for watching my videos:-)

The end

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin #VSHuggyWuggy


  1. Denme pulgar arriba si ablan español🇪🇸

  2. Süß und bin froh dass es nicht mehr geht mit der gestiefelte

  3. Finally i found one of your videos that haves undertale characters

  4. The bestfnf I heard in my live I can t stop listn to it

  5. Ugi Hgugi me marcó la infancia la canción está muy épica como el confrontig yurself está increíble la canción

  6. This song is so life changing I started drawing sarvente Sonic exe and Sonic

  7. sorry was there to see your email and for sending 6m the emails about the following Friday and?

  8. if u put ur speed to 0.5x in 1:14 it sounds like sonic saying gulp gulp kinda sus tho

  9. abi sen nasıl yapa bııyosun karışık bizede tarifini verse

  10. 😲👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌😗

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