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FNF MONSTER – Friday Night Funkin’ But Everyone is a Vampire – Fera Animations

Fera Animations
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Cover song of Monster by Skillet:

When Girlfriend turns into a demon and decides to spread in the city.

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  1. Fera por qué GF no rompió la pared con sus poderes es que suena tonto que lo este rompiendo con un martillo

  2. me too But she is becoming a monster Because boyfriend was cheating on girlfriend

  3. lol'xtrrrrrfwqqqaaaawfrreewqqetttrhffhhffbfbbvnncncmvmckmmszzmMkckdkdkdkdkdlpogitututuyuu

  4. uhh roblox rainbow friend is just fnf

  5. Fera i say gf is the worst characters 🖕😡🤬 I burning my passion

  6. Kinda funny how vampire Sonic is looking like Sonic.exe.

  7. imagine if it was nightmare bf instead of regular bf

  8. No gotei, fera pig, 🤤🤤🤤🤤 tá bom então vc não vai dar pra ver se consigo ir trabalhar o terix não tem respeito tbm to confuço tá bom então vc não vai um dia vai poder sair um pouco tempo r e o terix e o que eu fiz novos e os novato, gf e poderosa, mais forte q eu🥵, so lixu

  9. 0:19 Huh.. Don't tell me Whitty Working for İce scream shop.

  10. Me when I see vampires:
    Me: Vampires… are not real! becomes Chainsaw Man

  11. give whitty vampire clothes plz and blue and gery eyes not purpe eyes

  12. wait tails the fox rally have 2 tails to fly if the both tails cut off wings well come out

  13. Ajcsj🥺🙏😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Please make more animations of Mario,Luigi and tord pls

  15. go sonic go NOOOOOOOOOOOOO sonic change sonic exe nooooooo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO theirs theirs change exe theirs

  16. If ruv was here he would punch the crap out of everyone

  17. Que graça têm isso🤔

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