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FNF INDIE CROSS BLEW MY MIND. INCREDIBLE MOD. | Friday Night Funkin (Indie Cross Full Mod)

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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin where in this video we’ll be taking a look at the long awaited Indie Cross mod! This is an extremely ambitious project created by some amazingly talented people and it REALLY paid off! These mods keep getting better and better. Enjoy!!

P.S. My bad for having to disable some mechanics on the songs, I was super short on time and knew I’d have had no time to edit this up if I didn’t!

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0:00 Intro Cutscene
0:57 Intro
02:01 Wk 1 Cutscene 1
02:35 Snake Eyes
04:46 Wk 1 Cutscene 2
05:33 Technicolor Tussle
08:19 Wk 1 Cutscene 3
08:54 Knockout
13:41 Wk 1 Ending Cutscene
14:58 Wk 2 Cutscene 1
16:07 Whoopee
19:21 Wk 2 Cutscene 2
20:10 Sansational
22:22 Wk 2 Cutscene 3
23:23 Final Stretch
26:22 Wk 2 Ending Cutscene
27:29 Wk 3 Cutscene 1
28:00 Imminent Demise
30:56 Wk 3 Cutscene 2
31:37 Terrible Sin
34:05 Wk 3 Cutscene 3
34:59 Last Reel
38:44 Wk3 Cutscene 4
39:10 Nightmare Run
43:13 Wk 3 Ending Cutscene
46:31 Satanic Funkin
48:41 Bonedoggle
50:53 Ritual
53:01 Freaky Machine


  1. BF: beep
    Cuphead: Time for 1st degree murder! 😀

  2. Hey Ryan, if you see this…
    On the second cutscene, when Sans said that "it's up to you kid" When you get to the second song, if you attack, it will give you what the demo mod had, which leads you to the bad side…
    The final song on the bad side is Burning in hell.
    It's hard as frick ngl.
    Then the end cutscene, ends differently.
    Also if you die in Bone Doggle, Sans will give you something to another secret song.
    Not a troll, but it's kinda funny and loud and weird…
    1 achievement in Indie Cross is that if you have mechanics on, Mugman comes in the middle of the song, if you die to Cuphead's big blast, you get the achievement for saving Mugman.
    In reality, if you had it on and didn't go for the achievement…well… Mugman dies if you dodge

  3. Oh and Ryan if you turn the things on in cup heads song mug man gets hit in the head XD

  4. Did anyone notice that in week 2 when you die boyfriends privits are lit up 💀

  5. What’s your fav song? Mine is either knockout or final stretch.

  6. I love how he turned off mechanics so he didn’t see mugman die😂

  7. i loved the stickman easter egg in the background the easter egg of the animation in last reel

  8. Freaky machine is a bendy song bendy minecraft song

  9. sick man how are you so good


  10. It’s funny that boyfriend says beep🙄 in angry cuphead

  11. If you had the mechanics on, during Cupheads final song, then he accidentally knocks out Mugman, with the classic “A KNOCKOUT!”

  12. The nightmare songs has released, can you try them?

  13. In the special thanks you can see srpelos name

  14. The reason Sans don't attack is cause you didn't attack you that's what it is for a change of heart!

  15. Head the third song if you have the stuff enabled you would have seen mugman get shot by cuphead

  16. Sands would never attack you in that one song where she got destroyed if you did attacked then he would get shocked and get a little harder but then if you beat it she would see her see what's going on in you and then she'll become you and then there's an extra song

  17. Or no not an extra song it's one of the achievements

  18. This mod is awesome but where’s girl friend

  19. Loving Nightmare Run, but my favorite part was Bendy beating the living SHIT out of boyfriend!

  20. Did anyone's notice the stick figure in the background in last reel?

  21. 1 quick thing though 8 bitryan not complaining just saying theres actually an ingame secret if u onky turn on mechanics not diabling it like mugman being dead

  22. Do you know if you turn the mechanics on at least on standard it’s still good like it sounds better with mechanics so if you’re using hard mechanics turn it down to standard mechanics you don’t have to turn it off and if stander is too hard for you you can do easy mechanics which give youLess enjoyment but it still sounds good OK😅

  23. There is a bit of a hint for Cuphead's insta-kill. He gets all four pink arrows right before he shoots.

  24. You ARE a COWARD!!! Where si Your HONOR?

  25. 44:06
    so we not gonna realize h9w BFF got bodyslammed, yelled at, punched, wombs combod, dragged across yhe wall with jam everywhere, and ye.

  26. Why don't you play deltarune because it's basically the carry on of undertale

  27. Only way I can survive hypno is turning on pussy mode

  28. miss the blue notes and hit the orange notes

  29. i just realized that there is couple seconds of a soundtrack called "Enigmatic Encounter" which is from last breath

    here it is: 18:00 and ends at 18:03

  30. Inc cloud killed the ninyin and drained has heart

  31. the trick my friend did on the 4th song bendy was like raise the brightness or the contrast, and it kinda work coz he can tell the difference of the trick notes and the real notes

  32. Do not do the "wow" thing because it scared me BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  33. It’s ok no booo it’s because you can do waat you want

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