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FNF INDIE CROSS BLEW MY MIND. INCREDIBLE MOD. | Friday Night Funkin (Indie Cross Full Mod)

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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin where in this video we’ll be taking a look at the long awaited Indie Cross mod! This is an extremely ambitious project created by some amazingly talented people and it REALLY paid off! These mods keep getting better and better. Enjoy!!

P.S. My bad for having to disable some mechanics on the songs, I was super short on time and knew I’d have had no time to edit this up if I didn’t!

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0:00 Intro Cutscene
0:57 Intro
02:01 Wk 1 Cutscene 1
02:35 Snake Eyes
04:46 Wk 1 Cutscene 2
05:33 Technicolor Tussle
08:19 Wk 1 Cutscene 3
08:54 Knockout
13:41 Wk 1 Ending Cutscene
14:58 Wk 2 Cutscene 1
16:07 Whoopee
19:21 Wk 2 Cutscene 2
20:10 Sansational
22:22 Wk 2 Cutscene 3
23:23 Final Stretch
26:22 Wk 2 Ending Cutscene
27:29 Wk 3 Cutscene 1
28:00 Imminent Demise
30:56 Wk 3 Cutscene 2
31:37 Terrible Sin
34:05 Wk 3 Cutscene 3
34:59 Last Reel
38:44 Wk3 Cutscene 4
39:10 Nightmare Run
43:13 Wk 3 Ending Cutscene
46:31 Satanic Funkin
48:41 Bonedoggle
50:53 Ritual
53:01 Freaky Machine


  1. You forgot the mug man in week one that’s why the music changed

  2. my man said more amazinger xD 2:06 and 16:16 the laugh bro

  3. If you do terrible sin and put the speed to 0.75 it sounds like a nursery rhyme

  4. 36:49 Ryan, I don't know if you noticed this, but stickman is behind Sammy lawrence if you look closely before the jumpscare.

  5. final song is build our machine but with no words

  6. Me watching Ryan miss all-nearly all the ink notes on the 1st song of Bendy:

    Also me: HOW TF-

  7. Bro why bf at snake eyes song have sound of midnight fight i not remember name bruh

  8. Cuphead will "accidentally" kill mugman with mechanics on

  9. Did you guys see stickman in the last reel song?

  10. just relized something
    in B.A.T.I.M bendys legs is messed up which makes bendy difficult to run
    in this mod his legs arn't messed up so imagin how fast hes going…

  11. The voice actor for Cuphead here sounds similar to the Cuphead in the show

  12. I made it to last reel but at a certain point the game crashes 😢

  13. shesh ryan ur fuckin good i on the other hand well got claped in 5 secs 😀

  14. In the week 2 of sans song 2 there is reference to roses week 6
    (anyways I'm from Indonesian)

  15. Easter Egg From JzBoy The Stickman showed up in the song no cap look at the back in this time he was running when he saw bendy demon. 36:48

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  17. The part where Sans says "Welcome to the underground, how was the fall" is a reference to an undertale song called "down to the bone" and you should listen to it its a really great song. And the song "Freaky Machine" is a reference to another song called "build our machine" which is another great song.

  18. hit sans multiple times during sansational to get the other parts of week 2

  19. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  20. 8 bit Ryan pls play the new crossed out song

  21. You can see this reference from the YouTuber called ‘JzBoy’. He animated about bendy and you can see him at 36:49 in the background. Nice mod!

  22. Whatever I was thinking about Fisher he popped on your screen😂

  23. If you look closely at the back you can see someone

  24. Ryan please bring back this mod I would love to see you play through /w mechanics and the hidden/nightmare songs. Love your vids ❤

  25. Full triple down on your ass got me laughin lol

  26. Why did you have to disable the fishing and attacking? You could of just keep trying😒 but still i do kinda like the song ngl

  27. If you unlock mechanics, secret end will show in song

  28. In fnf
    Boyfriend: pulls the middle finger up
    Monster that saw middle finger from Bf: Trys to kill Bf

  29. What was gonna happen if you kept the mechanics on for cup head:

    A cutscene would happen where mugman fucking dies
    it’s amazing

  30. My bad for not being able to beat all of the songs on their hardest difficulty!! I just really wanted to have this video still covering the whole mod and was pretty short on time.

    I'll hopefully get around to revisiting this mod soon to try the Nightmare songs! Enjoy in the mean time 🙂

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