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FNAF mods in Friday Night Funkin are amazing

Bijuu Mike
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Its the funk of 87… Today we play some really good Friday night funkin Five nights at freddy’s mods

Vs Balloon boy –
vs. Phone guy (FnaF UCN) –
Funk of 87 – The Funk of ’87: Collection [SPRINGTRAPPED UPDATE]
FNF VS SPRINGTRAP (Mod made in one day!) –

edited by @Mikayla Graceless


  1. I doubt he checks his comments, but if he does… he needs to play the Ramses mod

  2. You forgor stfu in the funk of 87 🙁

  3. Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay security breach

  4. Friday Nights at Freddy Funkin's

  5. Mike can you play fnf freddy beat box battel

  6. Can u please play sakura school simulator its so funny i warched all of your sss 3 times and it never get old so please

  7. Reminder that boyfriend is rapping a dead guy over the phone 🙁

  8. Hey bijuu mike try fnf vs freddy beatboxing its soo funny try it rn lmaoo

  9. If you ever have the time can you play Dave and Bambi golden apple

  10. Mike why are you playing this instead of SB? i thought you was excited? 😂

  11. မြပကနပနငတိဘြထျု​ငြနကျ​ြိူကျေနဂနကျ​ြ

  12. Yo Mike I think u gotta play Starlight Mayhem Rebooted next it’s such an amazing mod!

  13. Hey plz play ucn it's has some lore and it's a very good game (raging included)

  14. The phone guy mod is based on fnaf ultimate custom night where every animatronic is in 1 game it realessed in 2018

  15. you should rly react to all the fnaf game trailers, they are really good

  16. “ ‏ ‏أخضر شعر ها ها ها ها"✋. /j

  17. You Should Play The 3d fnaf fnf mod but it might get you copyrighted im not sure

  18. FiveRain (FNF Vs. T---am --- -a-l Coming Soon...) says:

    Play ms lemons


  20. Balloon boy was my favourite. . . HES HATED IN THE GAMES . . . BUT COOLER IN FNF

  21. FNAF in FNF that's going to get confusing lol

  22. Biju if you want a cool mod check out plants vs rappers

  23. Markiplier is talking about room ten right when springtrap was about to kill him he was talking about there being a party there

  24. The "hello? Hello??" that is phone guy in fnaf 1

  25. Bijuu, please play fnaf world! I mean if you see this

  26. Tbh, spring trap is like that one friend that you get sick and tired of…..but you can’t live without them

  27. You should really play Vs FNAF1 by Pouria SFMs
    And Fnf abandoned arcade machine

  28. Fnf x Fnaf = Friday Nights at Freddy's

  29. the balloon boy one was such a banger! btw you should try the downscroll setting. 😎🔥

  30. Did you just say you HATE FOXY! (Balloon boy mod opening part)


    I totally recommend trying out Funkin at freddys when it eventually releases, it looks really cool from the previous leaks that was released

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