(Fanmade) Friday Night Funkin': Corruption - TAKEOVER REDUX LOADED (Hour 1) - shadowbizgame.com

(Fanmade) Friday Night Funkin’: Corruption – TAKEOVER REDUX LOADED (Hour 1)

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a little thing that i made for shits and giggles even tho it sucks ass
will this continue ? probably idk depends on my motivation anywho on to the credits!
base bf fla: AlterDZ
Redux Edit by me
Base Pico Fla:心を燃やせ(burn your heart?)
Pico Head used from sr soul
Pico Shoes used from Nova_Gitz
Redux Edit by me
(background and icons are from Takeover
just edited some of the icons)
Thumbnail by me
Remix by Natzaro

tags for yotube and stuff

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  1. A real shame this got stolen by some kid, but hey at least it got taken care of.Edit: Wait nvm it was D2.

  2. Third man great fanmade and permission to borrow some takeover b side songs the icons b side spites too and charting looks like sameand the health drain is good

  3. Love the sprites, just a quesion, why does pico lose the marks on his head during his down sprite, is that intended or just an error?

  4. Some stuff could be improved but its the best takeover b side ive seen so far! good job

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