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Everywhere At The End Of Funk | Friday Night Funkin Mod

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What a weird mod
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  1. i dont understand why i cant play with the mod, how do i put it in the files

  2. Its probably because you have to do normal

  3. it like he listened to madara "wake up to reality" and he did……..

  4. This mod is amazing and terrifying at the same time, it’s just so weird to see Keith go through all of that and forget everything (also some songs don’t have background music)

  5. What's the story behind everything at the end of funk? I know that bf suffers from dementia but what happened to lead to that?

  6. whats weird was that this was coming from my computer
    and i wasnt playing anything

  7. this song was made for demetia a mental illness apparently if you guys have this illness either you DIE or stay alive with lost memory

    im 8 for reminder haha i feel like in the im in the 1950s

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