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Epic battle FNF (Friday Night Funkin) SpongeBob and Sonic

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Get ready for an electrifying clash in the FNF (Friday Night Funkin) universe! In this explosive battle, SpongeBob goes head-to-head with Sonic.
Join SpongeBob SquarePants, the lovable sea sponge from Bikini Bottom, as he takes on the challenge of a lifetime against the formidable Sonic. The dance floor is set, the beats are pumping, and the crowd is eagerly awaiting the clash of these iconic characters.
Witness the clash of styles as SpongeBob’s infectious energy meets the unique moves and grooves of Sonic. With custom songs tailored for this epic face-off, you’ll be tapping your feet to the rhythm and cheering for your favorite character.
Can SpongeBob’s determination and underwater charm outshine the talents of Sonic? Tune in to find out as these two animated powerhouses battle it out for rhythm game supremacy.
This video showcases the incredible creativity of the FNF modding community, as they bring beloved characters to life in this thrilling musical duel. Get ready to be entertained, enthralled, and on the edge of your seat as SpongeBob and Sonic bring the heat to the dance floor!
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  1. This would be a trash for 3 yreas olds

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