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Did anything REALLY happen with Friday Night Funkin?

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Did anything REALLY happen with Friday Night Funkin? Today we are reacting to a video that talks about the FNF Kickstarter and what happened to it. Did the FNF Dev team take the money & run or are people being impatient?



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Original Video!

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  1. FNF and Great video again 8owser!👍✨️💙

  2. He’s also talking about the past! Why you getting so mad 😂?

  3. Love FNF. FNF is so FNF like FNF like. Have you seen FNF. FNF is the most FNF of FNF FNF FNFNFNFNFNFNFNFNF

  4. Then people cry if they get an unfinished game. I don't get why people complain about developers taking their time with a game, it doesn't bring any good to the developers and they are just stressing them more.

  5. I don’t understand why this is even drama. Don’t people know that it takes a while to make a game like this? From music to art this stuff doesn’t happen overnight. Take a look at the vs imposter v4 mod that had a similar amount of songs and a massive team behind it. And it was still in development for a while. All I’m saying is I would rather have a good game release later than an unfinished game released now.

  6. Nah bro getting mad at someone else’s thoughts on the internet? Who could’ve thunk it.

  7. Week 7 is old what happened to week 8

  8. Ya fnf is a good unique game inspired by parapa the rapper, this game was so popular due to being a success with its gameplay and updates and ya people saying a lot about fnf being dead and people not liking it and you have to be patient because it’s not gonna be worth it if you just force these small creators to make these updates. There humans too there not robots there talented people who created the game and the mods are actually keeping fnf alive and if there wasn’t any mods fnf would be actually dead for good. So all of us fnf kids should touch grass and wait for the update

  9. Seeing Sully's video about the FNF Full-Ass game Kickstarter is a massive mood
    I've been caught up on the devs' news any time, no matter what. I still have my Full-Ass Game appreciation arc.

  10. Ok I’ll admit the rewards part is a bit messy but as for everything else it’s fair to criticize the devs for not being transparent enough. Yes I know about the phantom arcade streams but that shouldn’t be the main source of progress updates for the game. It should be on ya know the damn Kickstarter itself. You can’t blame anyone for thinking they aren’t being transparent enough on the game considering there are plenty of people who either don’t like watching streams or don’t even know that the devs stream

  11. i agree that it's been way too long but like you said they are small and especially the content they said is being added to it in the trailer and also the sprites,weeks, background,cutscenes and other things so yeah the people are desperate and VERY fuckin impatient

  12. Im gonna be honest 8owser, im only a bit into the video and ive noticed you started watching this assuming it was gonna be a video shitting on fnf, and you were in complete defensive mode, thats not how you watch a video like this and you completely missed the point

  13. people are just way too impatient about fnf and all that.

  14. All I got to say about this is that game development takes long of course,
    maybe even way longer depending on the amount of content planned for it and you always can't expect them to be absolutely perfect at what they do, unless you allow them to take there time and polish it so it's an success.

  15. 5:40 You could argue Twitter is giving all the updates, but why are none of those updates about the development on the Kickstarter? It’s important to remember people put in a BUNCH of money, and for the crew to not even give them proper updates and just makes them go scourge through twitter is just dumb. When somebody supports a kickstarter with $1,865,000 behind it they should expect to get proper updates not shitpost. 3:35 Also it is insanely important to realize that these are well actual humans, the problem with all this is how in the actual hell they plan to even make all of this, yeah it’s good on paper but how do they plan to do all of this without taking at least 3-5 years to finish this, and yeah I know they are hiring more people but why didn’t they hire them before the kickstarter happened so they could be prepared? 5:07 Now people have been getting there stuff but it is concerning some people might not have gotten it yet. Everybody should have there stuff by at most a week or 2. And you can call people impatient but this has a literal whopping $1,865,000 that is a bunch of money put into this project and it has been a year until the base game has been updated. Now you could argue that is because of all the stuff they plan on putting in, and well that’s their fault for adding way too much stuff and setting very unrealistic goals (unless they plan on spending 5 years on this game without base game updates).
    9:46 also that is a legit MAJOR deal??? People have poured a insane amount of money into this to not even get their perks for MONTHS??? I must remind you $1,865,000 has been put into this.

  16. I'm completely fine with waiting for week 8. Game development takes a long time, especially when you have a lot of extra kickstarter money you weren't planned for. Along with the additional weeks, which mean more drawing, money, songs, etc.

  17. Moral for Funkin' crew: make deadline "when its done"
    Moral for Sully: Twitter exists

  18. FNF
    Tbh I would rather wait than you know rushing it so its more fleshed out and just a better experience

  19. This is all true and shit
    But off topic, when are you going to play vs ourple guy?
    I'd recommend when v3 comes out

  20. am fine waiting for a long time the longer the better = well made

  21. Wow, this dude litteraly brought a lot of info about what's going on with the game better than most people

  22. 9:09
    "this guy's ego is longer than a zeppelin" I WHEEZED AT THAT IT'S A GOOD COMPARISON I LOVE IT.

  23. As a wise man once said: “a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is bad forever.”

    It’s good that the development team for FNF, small as the team is, is taking their time, because that just means the full game has more potential to be filled with absolutely everything we’ll ever want in it. Especially with all of the damn stretch goals.

  24. Your Right They Really Don't Research Use Your brains people of the earth

  25. Why are people so impatient with this game in particular? Shovel Knight, Undertale, Omori, and various other popular indie games have been made with the help of Kickstarter, besides, the FnF devs seems trustworthy enough.

  26. nah cuz at 6:07 he's completely right. Even on streams some stuff is sort of vague so it's hard to know how much about anything that's going on with the game and development. It's a bit concerning that there is such a lack of SOLID news and updates with the game. Obviously this stuff is hard to manage but I feel like if they weren't prepared for a lot of this stuff, they shouldn't have made it a kick starter goal in the first place. One thing I can definitely agree on is that the fnf community needs to be more patient with the release of the game. Game development is obviously a very hard thing especially if they're gonna add the shear amount of stuff they promised on the kick starter. There has been news on some streams where there is a little info about the state of the game, but that really all we know so far.

  27. i think the funniest part of the situation was just how hard the fnf community jumped on this guy

  28. I agree with both sides. I agree with you how some of his points don't add up but I also agree with him that yea they bit more than they could chew

  29. See guys, the more they talk or reveal about their progress, the more likely random drama can appear and make everything fall apart in the blink of an eye. It's a common trope in this community, so them being mute all this time is just doing this safely.

  30. even if the base game is taking years to still be WIP…


  31. see I'd like to say the Friday night funkin' game itself won't be out till 2040 I mean we never know when it'll actually come out but given the content, I'd give them around 10-30 years.

  32. FnF update YouTubers when the full game needs development: 😲

  33. FNF

    this video was interesting with that person's opinion on the whole ordeal.


  35. There are seriously joking Anthony I watched Al the way to be end btw😂😂😂😂🎉😢❤😅😊🤟🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👊🤜🏻🙏👆🏻✌️😁🤲🏻😺😆😼 1:29

  36. i dont care how long i have to wait, im fine with being paitient.

  37. Bozo, that's all I have to say. Among US!

  38. Oh boy guees i gotta wait another 6 years probably idk

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