Deceiver REMASTERED - Friday Night Funkin' X Identity Fraud OST -

Deceiver REMASTERED – Friday Night Funkin’ X Identity Fraud OST

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God deceiver sucks. i’m so happy to be remaking this shit storm of a song. Also no, the mod isn’t being revived, i’m just remaking the song because i felt like it. hope you guys enjoy!

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thanks for watching guys

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  1. Yo where did you get that bf chromatic I have been trying to find it lol

  2. a lot better honestly. this sounds more like a remake since a lot of stuff changed from both v1 and v2 but this absolute peak.

  3. 1:45 and I thought this part couldn’t get better.


  4. This is more of a remake than a remaster lol

  5. Hmmmmm, this sure is interesting. I really like V2, but this one seems to fit more. Certain parts of this are a bit strange (like, what's with the really glitchy voices before the drop at the start), but overall, I think this is cool!

  6. they are both fake, we all know that Boyfriend from the hit game Friday Night Funkin' has a red crossed out circle on his shirt

  7. this version gives me some nostalgic feelings for some reason.

    the start, feels like an incident happened, or a weird memorial build up.

    and honestly, it makes sense.
    this song is the reason why i am a fnf modder, why im actually growing and learning other stuff,
    this song started it all.

    when i first saw the mod, i didn’t thought about it, i thought it was some random mod like others. but when i wanted to start to chart, it changed everything.

    and guess what?

    I failed miserably, not being able to chart normally.
    but when i tried this song.
    it worked perfectly.

    yes, there was simple mistakes and such, but the chart i did was still great.

    I afterwards went to explore deeper into the mod,

    and looking at katabooz’s channel, it was really cool, i straight up wanted to do more stuff cause of this song.

    a few months ago, in 2022, when katabooz released the flp for the second version for the song, i straight up went to make it a thing.

    after the release of the fanmade mod i did, i felt confident to do more stuff.

    and now, look at me, literally learned fully lua and charting only cause of this song.

    you dont know how happy i am, knowing that this thing started it all.

    thank you katabooz, and all of the other people that put their human minds to make this demo a thing.

    I couldnt get here without it.

    im typing this meanwhile being on a bus going back from a 2 day school trip from a desert.

    and i dont care, i rather sit here and type this on my 4 % phone.

    thank you, katabooz.

  8. This is a really remastered from the v2,it's awesome!

  9. its somewhat hard to differentiate the opponent and bf in some parts, so it makes the song sound a little repetitive
    tempo automation is a little confusing to listen to also
    overall pretty good

  10. this is definitely my fav fnf song in a bit

  11. I liked but i think the V2 version is better

  12. Friday Night Funkin' X Identity Fraud – Deceiver v9.6

  13. how is bro making the coolest lookin things on zgame lol

  14. This was made on my birthday but I was 2 days late to hear it 🙁

  15. I definitely need to chart this, with some extra eventing.

    This is a pretty amazing version of the song, not gonna lie. :3

  16. I'm pretty sure you deserve more attention than you do now, like you're so talented I hope you keep growing as a YouTuber, fnf modder and artist

  17. bem como 🤷‍♀️ de Souza que não me recordo se foi o que aconteceu ou não tem como

  18. I just listened to this Katabooz, and holy lord. THIS FREAKING SLAPS DUDE!

  19. Boiiiiii if u don't put this on Spotify 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

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