Comparison Impostor V3 With Impostor V4 - Friday Night Funkin -

Comparison Impostor V3 With Impostor V4 – Friday Night Funkin

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Comparison Impostor V3 With Impostor V4
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  1. V3 defeat is muted/quiet Edit: but I'm not sure

  2. How is the fanmade danger look like the same when black open he's mouth?

  3. V4 they resized his visor to abit biggerBut in v3 he looks like he has a big brain

  4. I think we all know which one is better NGL

  5. 1.44 Million subs, but 87k Views?

    Edit: Bro was legit SPAMMING on V4 🤦

  6. Porque a mí me gusta salir un poquito juego

  7. Feeling a little agony watching bf v4 player spamming…

  8. Has no one noticed danger wasnt in version 3?

  9. Me: these versions sure do have a lot of differences.
    Me realising V4 guy just spamming?

  10. third and i like the comparison between v3 and v4 designs it look very cool i hope you do more of this in the future i hope have a good life and happy new year gus😄🤗😁

  11. Good job, Cyber and Rawl! Creators/ Hosts of V4 and best couple <3

  12. the green imposter from V4 looks a bit like the HD version that V3 had at one point.

  13. V4? how much i slept?

  14. Imposter V4 in the back ground GF's hair is blow up like that it looks like she's super saiyan!🤣

  15. the Blue guy (Gabriel Neiva mendes 2023) says:

    Both cuz why not

  16. i hate that this gameplay of V4 is just spamming all four keys

  17. in v4 you can see that the player is spamming

  18. cryo or something I don't really know says:

    bro u spamming also pls link the mod and give credit

  19. why would you compare fanmade with official??? at least put it in title

  20. Seriously man?, why you Press The 4 arrows in the 4V Version, you look like a spammer

  21. The “V3” of dancer was not official, it was fanmade, this is still pretty badass though

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