Comparison Impostor V3 With Impostor V4 - Friday Night Funkin -

Comparison Impostor V3 With Impostor V4 – Friday Night Funkin

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Comparison Impostor V3 With Impostor V4
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  1. third and i like the comparison between v3 and v4 designs it look very cool i hope you do more of this in the future i hope have a good life and happy new year gus😄🤗😁

  2. Good job, Cyber and Rawl! Creators/ Hosts of V4 and best couple <3

  3. the green imposter from V4 looks a bit like the HD version that V3 had at one point.

  4. V4? how much i slept?

  5. Imposter V4 in the back ground GF's hair is blow up like that it looks like she's super saiyan!🤣

  6. the Blue guy (Gabriel Neiva mendes 2023) says:

    Both cuz why not

  7. i hate that this gameplay of V4 is just spamming all four keys

  8. in v4 you can see that the player is spamming

  9. cryo or something I don't really know says:

    bro u spamming also pls link the mod and give credit

  10. why would you compare fanmade with official??? at least put it in title

  11. Seriously man?, why you Press The 4 arrows in the 4V Version, you look like a spammer

  12. The “V3” of dancer was not official, it was fanmade, this is still pretty badass though

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