Chara vs BF Knife Fight (Friday Night Funkin' Animation) -

Chara vs BF Knife Fight (Friday Night Funkin’ Animation)

Chino’s Animated
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(Small Undertale spoilers for the end of the genocide route)
Echo BF teleports into the world of Undertale at the very end of a genocide route, stumbling upon Chara attempting to kill the player. Although she succeeds in the kill, the game is kept alive, in it’s half-crashed state, because BF is still alive, despite his Undertale soul being killed also. In this state, where Undertale’s battle physics aren’t quite up to code anymore, Chara wants to increase their power and erase the world and BF just wants another challenge, they battle.

(The game being broken is my excuse for the real knife not doing max dmg, blue attacks not being avoidable by standing still, etc, so I can at least have an entertaining fight, instead of Chara winning in an instant from their first hit)

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Animation Software: Adobe Animate CC
Editing Software: Filmora11 / Adobe Premier Pro
Drawing tablet: GAOMON M10K 2018


  1. I like how eachother adapts to eachother so quickly and comes up with counters on the spot.

    When Chara was attacking bf, he was deflecting every single slash, so she uses her ability (Idk what it's called tbh.) And slashes bf from behind.
    Bf also learns from this and hits her from behind while she was also deflecting.

    Chara also realizes how fast Bf is moving so she slows down, hoping to catch him off guard, but bf has patience so he manages to also counter that.
    I love the work you've done here, Chino!

  2. Can't wait to see how this gets turned into an actual mod eventually.

  3. Видео вышло в 22 часа по Бишкекскому времени в 29 июля


  5. As an avid Chara fan who hasn’t played or watched FNF in like a year, that was SO COOL! I was smiling the whole time, I’m so glad I saw this!

  6. 4:17 Chara is a lot more powerful than we're willing to admit. They counter BF's attacks in literally one fucking frame. This mfer really went ultra instinct on our asses.

  7. OMG I love all your fighting fnf animations they are so awesome

  8. Insanely well done. Never thought i would see an awesome song get an awesome fight sequence involved.

  9. If you add 1.25 speed, its sounds good and the fight scene just like got faster

  10. The fact Chara beat her bf even with his mimic ability shows that sometimes, not all battles he can beat. Also, did I miss something with the corruption?

  11. Man these ECHO fights are super nice to see

  12. Can you do good ending wehr BOYFRIEND doss not want to be sparet

  13. this is awesome! but can we continue from whittys story? they said that their going to the park, possibly to meet hex

  14. Блин мне нравится как он анимирвовал Урон когда БФ промахивается это просто шикарно!

  15. Can you do me where bf is corrupted vs chara

  16. Seeing how the corruption actually helps bf in chino's world makes me wanna see a interaction between corrupted bf and chino's bf

  17. Imagine if this was an actual game (the whole fight thing), it would blow up within a day

  18. Not just fnf? Undertale too?? AND LORE??!?

  19. That was a stunning animation!! So glad to see you back with an another amazing FNF project!

  20. This is probably the most creative FNF content creator
    Would love to see this as a mod like the Whitty and Matt fights

  21. Funfact: Canon Chara can do the Big Bang by just hitting someone, thats right the bunch of 9's IS the big bang, and also people forget that Chara awoke due to Frisks determination this stands to reason why they could access BF's retry menu this also means Chara no matter what would win in this scenario thats legit the reason why they taunted BF because this is a fight you cannot win and sadly most likely never CAN win as Chara would always just one hit him as the Big Bang move does indeed have passthrough on DEF trust me UT Canonuity is absolutely bonkers…

    Frisk and Sans are also cheaters in canon btw-

  22. As a undertale and fnf fan this is the type of fnf fighting animation that will gonna L.O.V.E

  23. loki, i loved this,great animations and concepts, like the hate/shadow version of chara helping out in the fight, i thought that was cool

  24. POV:You found a 2 fnf fan using sschara on alternate battlegrounds

  25. I just realized when watching this a few times, I noticed that the chara's knife makes a reflection of their target
    Like at the start it was BF's reflection
    then close to the end when it's just BF souls, the reflection of the knife was the BF soul
    Love that small detail on the animation

  26. Now this is a true undertale chara fnf friday night funkin mod

  27. I say Its awesome like 20 times wathing this

  28. Ƭʜᴇ𝐆𝐨𝐤𝐭𝐮𝐠-𝐊𝐮𝐧 says:

    If BF Added To Soulshatters:

  29. This animation was sick! Do you plan on releasing the flas for this so modders could make it into a mod by chance?

  30. honestly, I’d like to have a fight where corrupted BF takes control of BF for a moment, that’d be pretty cool

  31. corupterd???

    anyway epic animination

  32. Now all we need is to see sans, ending was interesting as well

  33. bf in chinos animated: cool fight scenes

    bf in fnf corruption: saving the world

    bf in creepypasta mods: annoying lil shit

    bf in canon:

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