Bro Girlfriend FOR THE STREETS! | Friday Night Funkin': TABI FULL N' RESTORED (Episode 193) -

Bro Girlfriend FOR THE STREETS! | Friday Night Funkin’: TABI FULL N’ RESTORED (Episode 193)

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Hey what’s going on doods, Dever here, and welcome back to another Friday Night Funkin’ video! So in this video, I play the Friday Night Funkin’ Tabi Full And Restored Mod! So I haven’t played Tabi in so long, it has been about three years, so here I am playing the mod again! Now I’m going to disregard all of the drama, I’m only here for the mod!

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  1. I'm going to be honest of all the things in Friday night funkin mods we seen about all the characters the enemies the villains and so much more about girlfriend daddy deers and her mother and everyone else the one true origin we never got about boyfriend true origin story about him and his entire family brothers sisters cousins mother and father also yet

  2. To the folks and Dever

    Keep in mind this mod is not canceled and it is on hiatus

    Since the so called "Voice Actor" is no longer a part of Tabi, homeski wants to bring Tabi's story Justice till they find somebody who can be in responsible and in good ties

    So keep your faith in homeski folks, because they too want this story to be played out.

  3. First of all his name is "Tabi" if you pronounce the word right it's like "Ta Bi" that's how you say his name if you remove the space from out of it! Ta-bi.

  4. W nostalgic mod and W vid

    (Also, at the end of Hit Single video you mentioned Rizzfest and I'm gonna just quickly say that you should definitely try this mod, its short and songs are actually good (without spam btw)
    (And it's also a BIG JOKE mod so… yeah)

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