Boyfriend Vs FIGURE! 🎤 Friday Night Funkin' VS DOORS Animation -

Boyfriend Vs FIGURE! 🎤 Friday Night Funkin’ VS DOORS Animation

Hornstromp Toons
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A FNF BATTLE, 🎶Boyfriend will be facing a rap battle in the scary hotel, 🏩👻he is trapped and very scared, a couple of SCREECH will follow him, these two entities will lead him to something worse, EYES & timothy, 🕷️👽 until FIGURE arrives, 👹will leave him breathless, *comment below if you think Boyfriend will be able to escape from DOORS and evade all the ghosts that appear to him.* 👍🖤🎙️

00:00 – Boyfriend Vs FIGURE!
2:13 – Skyblue, Nusky, Ski Vs SEEK & Rush
4:19 – Boyfriend & Girlfriend Vs RUSH & SEEK
6:34 – FIGURE Falls in LOVE!?
8:51 – Rush & Screech LOVE Girlfriend!?
11:19 – Huggy Wuggy vs BLUE
13:24 – Corrupted Blue Vs Boyfriend

Friday Night Funkin’ is a rhythm game in which the player controls a character called Boyfriend, who must defeat a series of opponents in order to continue dating his significant other, Girlfriend. The player must pass multiple levels, referred to as “weeks”, each containing three songs.

Original animation HORNSTROMP – @HornstrompToons
Original Song Cover:
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Boyfriend Vs FIGURE! 🎤 Friday Night Funkin’ VS DOORS Animation


  1. 🥰🥰😋😋😭😀😀😁

  2. man i miss the old friday night funkin', it was way more fun back then and now it's getting cringier and cringier and now it's starting to look like a kids game, really disappoined in this community.

  3. Haz una animacion de among us en el escondite, sorry i can't speak english

  4. 그런데 채널 이름에 툰즈는 왜붙임 이제 슬슬 게임툰즈가 탐나는 거지? 난 다 알아 예전에는 딴 사람이 너를 표절했지 하지만 이제 너가 표절하고있어 이제알아?…

  5. More questions

    1. Who’s the most gullible hornstromp
    2. Who’s the friendliest Hornstromp
    3. What does toons think of me (cause i trolled him 6 months ago lol)

  6. Can I have the Song "Heathers" because I really like it and I really want animation please

  7. Your content is still the best, really creative that I can't stop watching

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