Bowser Jr Plays Friday Night Funkin: VS CMB Mod -

Bowser Jr Plays Friday Night Funkin: VS CMB Mod

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Bowser Jr plays Friday Night Funkin from Newgrounds, but it’s the VS CMB MOD! Lots of rhythm, rage, and funny moments.

Mod created by @MasterArtYT – Full credits are on the game page above!
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  1. Video posted 2 days ago people who actually watched it 2 years from now up there when they comment I'm one of the first let's go oh my gosh omg

  2. I love you guys videos yay I put so many comments on this video🥳

  3. i did i Win now give me The money!!!!!!!!!!

  4. it did not work so pls can you give me the gift card

  5. looks like junior has never seen dave and bambi mods before

  6. Pretty ironic cuz im making a mod based on dif plush youtubers bruh 😭😭😭

  7. I finish the level, the hardest level on the video of Jr Bowser Junior plays on Friday


  9. Bist du Deutsch oder warum sind einige Videos auf deutsch?😮

  10. Why the hell do people apparently suck at this game? I mean, it's easy, all you have to do is follow the song's rhythm while looking at the notes pressing it. Once you get the hang of that, then you'll be a pro.

  11. it is me you did it I'm fnf your good at the man

  12. I can't believe it I downloaded and I won

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