Bluey ALL PHASES - Friday Night Funkin' | Bluey (FNF Mods) -

Bluey ALL PHASES – Friday Night Funkin’ | Bluey (FNF Mods)

Knock Knock
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In this video you will see Bluey character all phases in new best FNF mods.
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00:00 Preview
00:12 Phase 1
01:39 Phase 2
03:15 Phase 3
05:35 Phase 4
08:24 Phase 5
10:54 Phase 6
11:58 Phase 7
14:44 Phase 8
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  1. Phase 5 bandits voice is suicide mouse voice but lower pitched

  2. Why dose this mod have a good animation for bluey and his sister but not the rest

  3. Dood bingo scared me when she mails 😨😨😨


    Phase 5❤ bingo is very cool❤

  5. Phase 1 is barbie gilr but bluey is barbie😂😂😂😂

  6. There’s a literal two phases of murder what the heck

  7. Now the dad is really scaring me with those knife and the red eyes

  8. I played this song on the game before and Louise dad is saying

  9. I heard this song on a game and waste of time and Jerry

  10. Face three is smooth. It’s cool with huggy Wuggy.

  11. This is cringe as f*ck like why would I want to listen to wooop we wah LIKE WHAT?!

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