BF vs Hex Electric Fight (Friday Night Funkin' Animation) -

BF vs Hex Electric Fight (Friday Night Funkin’ Animation)

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Slightly more detailed plot explanation:
After leaving the Updike facility to go to the park, Boyfriend and Girlfriend stumble upon Whitty’s friend, Hex! Seeing that he’s friendly, BF takes upon his offer to rap-battle him instead of fighting him…. Until… that Weekend, Hex got hacked and taken over by a notable underworld media company who are aiming to take down The Dearest company. BF stands up to fight the hackers out of Hex’s body along with Carol and Whitty who got up from the crowd. Sunday, who was also already there for the concert was told by Carol to stay in the crowd because she wouldn’t have been able to survive the fight as a normal human. The real Hex was put inside one of Updike’s robots which was teleported by Girlfriend, and also agrees to fight. The Demons accept this offer gladly and corrupt Hex’s body further, making him stronger and capable to shoot high voltage electricity. They aim to boost their reputation by soloing Girlfriend and 4 of her friends, while the others aim to break the corruption and put hex back in his body before the hackers take control of it again. (This story made alot more sense in my head lol)

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Songs used (in order):
“Ram” Instrumental:
Original “Glitcher” remix:
My Glitcher remix cover:
“Dunk” Instrumental:

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0:00 Context/Prologue
0:57 Fight
4:34 (another) (Important channel update)

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Animation Software: Adobe Animate CC
Editing Software: Filmora11 / Adobe Premier Pro
Drawing tablet: GAOMON M10K 2018


  1. 4:21 what is that stuff there? If that’s snow theN BF STILL CANT BE TRUSTED


  3. I love how bf and gf and whitty carol get teamed up

  4. Idea for if you decide to do a "Detected" cover of this combined with your awesome fighting and animating skills…

    Story: After losing the first round, the hackers controlling Hex get salty, but then decide to uno reverse BF by trapping all his friends (save for the Updike bot head with Hex's code still in there) in electric cages and moving them to their side of their stage. The hackers then reveal that the whole fight was merely a test run of some of Hex's "experimental" combat mechanisms, and now that they know what BF and his friends are capable of, they decide to turn the tables on BF by using his own friends abilities against him (more on that later). BF is a bit shaken by this, but with some motivation from GF, Carol, Whitty, and Hex, BF decides to brave this next challenge the hackers have for him. Eventually, BF wins, resulting in the cages breaking and Hex regaining control over his original body. The hackers disappear, but continue their schemes to take down BF and his friends (just like the original mod).

    Gameplay: Hex's normal attacks remain the same, but now he can also temporarily control GF, Whitty, and Carol and use their abilities against their will to attack BF. BF's own electric attacks now chain off of Hex and towards the others. This is because the whole goal of this fight is for BF to break his friends out of their cages while withstanding the onslaught of attacks coming from Hex and his friends. Hex (in the bot head) can fire at them as well, which would be beneficial towards the player, however, if BF misses a certain number of notes, Hex will deactivate for a while and not be able to help BF (this could cost players attempts).

    Hex (Hacked):
    Normal attacks: drain BF's health (cannot push it to the danger zone (where the losing icon appears)
    Electric Screen: blocks all of BF's attacks for a turn (the player will not be able to push the icons while this ability is active)

    GF's attack: Demon Slashes
    When the slashes hit BF, he loses health on the healthbar. Her last attack results in a critical hit, which will push BF's icon all the way to the edge (1-shot).

    Whitty's attacks:
    Fire Waves: acts the same as Hacked Hex's normal attacks
    Stealth Bomb: acts as it does in Whitty's Fire Fight

    Carol's attacks:
    Light Balls: normal attacks that do less damage than any other attack, but cannot be blocked
    Heavenly Shield: acts the same as Electric Screen

    BF's attacks:
    Normal attacks: acts the same as Hacked Hex's normal attacks, but they visually appear to chain to other nearby targets (does not affect healthbar recovery)
    Electric Screen (Echoed): prevents most attacks from getting through at the cost of some HP from the healthbar. (Has a cooldown of 15 seconds)

    Hex (Updike Bot Head):
    Normal attacks: this attack hits every opponent in its path, which will recover a small amount of health on BF's side. (This can be a life-saver if you don't have enough HP to survive) Hex will attack in beat with the song, so he may fire more lasers some turns than others (good to keep note of).

    Right, that should be everything. I'll be ecstatic if you actually end up doing this, and good luck with your future endeavors! 😁

  5. I like how you made the video neat thankfully I’m full of love now thank you very much I like the music was good thank you i love that I really appreciate that thank you very much

  6. I've only seen it here Fire fight And here's another one on you Electric fight!

  7. *Slaps the top of Hex's monitor
    "This bad boy fit so much MALWARE in him, he can tank at least 5 anomalous attacks at once

  8. Whitty was like I like your cut g 👹

  9. this Cover deserves some of Juno Songs's Lyrics.

    BF and IRIS Hex: RecD.
    GF and Carol: Moop.
    Whitty: Juno

  10. How did hex's face Crack when bf tossed the mic but didn't break after repeated hits from electricity fire angel magic demon magic and energy blasts

  11. So, the hacker agreed on 1v5?

    He totally wanted to do a clutch.

  12. 5vs1 and hex was still beating them with that telekinesis edit: my profile is a og character I made and he has electric powers lol

  13. Theory: bf has an echo ability because he copies people when he sings

  14. I love the rap whiling ther were fighting with powers and also the song

  15. Just realized that (haven’t watched the whole video yet) if hex was hacked by demons then why doesn’t corol deal more dmg because she is a Angel and the demon is in hex so shouldn’t corol be dealing the most?

  16. Wait I know that eye is that the eye in the doki doki takeover

  17. จิรเมธ ช้างเอี่ยม says:


  18. Would have been cool if hex repurposed the head of the robot to make some sort of basketball holder

  19. 2:48 how dose the hacker make them like follow the arrows he dose

  20. idk but i feel like when you reanimate the hottest beatdrops they go uh.. awkward.. and i don't want to say it but it goes a bit.. cringe. i'm not saying that completely.. it's just that the reanimations are a bit off.

  21. ON View Deal with the 🎤🎵🎶🎧🎙🎼🎸


  23. es chistoso que el unico rasguño que tiene es el del golpe del microfono de BF XD

  24. I know there is most likely a comment like mine out there but I just have to say that at 2:51 it is INSANE to me that Hex is able to control ALL of their movements to be in sync with his own which is a crazy ability to have in my opinion!

  25. I wish I could be like them except the robot when he was evil

  26. Hey Chino if ya arent busy can ya make a shaggy vs a new powered boyfriend like a telekinisis if i messed up a writing Im sorry.

  27. Yo you should try making a tricky version of this. this is 🔥🔥🔥

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