BF V.S. TABI!? THE 'CURSED WEEK' IS AMAZING. | Friday Night Funkin' -

BF V.S. TABI!? THE ‘CURSED WEEK’ IS AMAZING. | Friday Night Funkin’

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Welcome back to another episode of Friday Night Funkin’ – Today I’m turning my focus for this video to 1 specific mod and it absolutely blew my mind. The V.S. Tabi Mod. Amazingly well crafted, difficult, great visuals. PERFECTION.

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  1. Did u check Wii Funkin' MOD, it is sick dude!!!!!!!!!

  2. Just had a thought at the end of the song genocide the whitty part im just thinking is it possible that tabi was like turning ballistic himself but stopped because he ran out of energy????

  3. Notice how Tabi's notes also glow, suggesting that he was once a player one as well.

  4. 😍😍🥰🤑😍😍🤩😇😿❤👍🤝🙏👦

  5. 🙄🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😇😃😀

  6. Fun fact : everything about girlfriend that tabi said is true

  7. Pls try the smoke 'em out struggle mod that is my favourite mod

  8. Not bad when I played I did near 100 mises in the last one song

  9. Bro the mobile version is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard

  10. Ryan: Wait (3x), GF, U told me U've been single for 7 years
    Me: Wat did he saiiiyyyy (Meme)

  11. Tabi ulitmate phase sounds familiar

    Ballistic lyrics i think also some madness from tricky

  12. i find it impressive that Ryan not only fc'd my battle, but also had a perfect score

  13. i love how tabis vocals are just AAAA and EEEEE, nothing else

  14. You have a bad habit of saying ‘guys’ and talking, and ‘wooo’ and other things that are kinda overrated

  15. God why is my old comment not deleted

  16. Get it OUTTA here, Tabi, ain't no one believe that trash!!!

  17. Me watching the final song but I have epilepsy* Me: Colours…~~

  18. Applying for a job as a gamer be like:
    Recruiter: "What are your achievements?"
    Me: "I beat the VS Ex mod of FnF."
    Recruiter: "And what else?"
    Me: "And I did it with one hand and no missed notes."
    Recruiter: "You're hired"
    Me: walks away
    Recruiter: "WHAT THE FU-?!?!"

  19. Daddy dearest was the one who Maked Tabi to be skull

  20. those are the worlds fastest fingers i have ever seen

  21. pls play the mickey mod Friday night funkin

  22. I would like to recommend to u is agoti "cuz theyre both close friends"

  23. Hey Ryan what do you think of my profile picture i edited it by myself 🙂

  24. In genocide he's punching his keyboard

  25. Did you even notice that Genocide was like Ballistic

  26. Pls don't call me wierd, but Genocide is one of my favorite songs. It just sounds really good to me for a crazy song.

  27. Have you Friday night funkin vs corrupted tricky?

  28. I'm good at fnf (Friday night funkin) vs tabi.

  29. Try vs tabi again but with three fingers.

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