Beta Announcement! - Friday Night Funkin Roblox Noob Mod -

Beta Announcement! – Friday Night Funkin Roblox Noob Mod

Toad Odyssey
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  1. If the last song isn't "The Great Strategy" then I'm going to bring back the old roblox forums so Quackity can re-raid them.

  2. At first, I didn't know Nooblings' voice was the oof sound (or is it?) i thought it was just a flute recorder lmao

  3. :me I lOvE tHiS sOnG
    :Other ppl I hAtE tHiS GahdgajzgHzfJtHdJfGs

  4. My favorite song in the world.
    All though it’s shortish.

  5. The character offset is really bad so he goes everywhere when he does different notes, and also the idle is jittery

  6. Natural disaster survival 2021: winning smile target

  7. Songs:
    Crossing my road – Crossing Roads
    Boom of Bricks – Doomspire Brickbattle
    Tea Party – that one game with the bouncy tea pots idk

  8. im too confused on how to play it

  9. R u gonna credit j bug (the original creator who made this )

  10. I hate the beckground they used Sword fight on the heights. They could at least used The Ragdoll Legends. It’s the same map but better

  11. Song 1:Crossing My Road
    Song 2:Oof
    Song 3:ODer

  12. Pnpnpspspn oo oo ooooo oooo o ooo oo

  13. Its fan made not real also made by jbug go subscribe to him

  14. I wanted to see the light and the moves for bf 🙁 can you add?.

  15. Я который смотрел Кипера: зовите меня крутой 😎

  16. This is not from you, it is from J-bug. And it is not a mod, it is a fan animation.

  17. whynotcrossroadswhynotcrossroadswhynotcrossroads

  18. me whos been friends with him since a couple years ago: >:) im so happy that hes becoming successful

  19. 1. Oof !
    2. Keyboard smasher
    3. Doomspire rapbattle


  21. Crossroad was better background than SFOTH (Sword Fight On The Heights)

  22. Missed opportunity to make bf and gf roblox characters.

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