Best of All Time Mods in FNF - Friday Night Funkin’ -

Best of All Time Mods in FNF – Friday Night Funkin’

Arena Closer
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Hey there dear friends! Right here and right now you are going to see the Best of All Time Mods in Friday Night Funkin’. Write that in the comments section below if you like Friday Night Funkin’. We hope you will appreciate the work we have done and the recordings we have made. Don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe. Grab your favourite snacks and enjoy watching this video!

Friday Night Funkin’ is a fun music rhythm game. This free game tests your musical knowledge and reflexes by competing in freestyle music battles. Boyfriend is the main character in-game who has to defeat any character in singing and rapping content to be able to date his love – Girlfriend.

Friday Night Funkin’ game:

Mods we recorded for this video:
1. The Full-Ass Tricky Mod
2. V.S. Whitty Full Week (LEGACY)
3. Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle [FULL WEEK] | VS Garcello
4. Friday Night Funkin’: Vs. Sonic.Exe (UPDATE 2 OUT)
6. Arcade Showdown – VS. Kapi
7. V.S. TABI Ex Boyfriend[UPDATE]
8. Friday Night Funkin’: ENTITY
10. V.S Zardy
11. Friday Night Funkin: Neo (3.0 UPDATE OUT NOW)
12. VS Shaggy [The Ultimate Update]
13. Friday Night Funkin’: Vs Matt
14. (NEW UPDATE) literally every fnf mod ever (Vs Bob)
15. High Effort Ugh 2.0 (feat. Tankman)
16. Friday Night Funkin’: Doki Doki Takeover!
17. The X Event – FULL WEEK OUT (Vs X!Gaster)
18. Friday Night Funkin’ – QT Mod
19. Friday Night Funkin’ ONLINE VS. [EDD & UBERKIDS]
20. FNF Nonsensical Friday Night (Vs Nonsense V2) DEMO
21. Starlight Mayhem | Vs. CJ (2.0 UPDATE)
22. vs Sky (kitsuneskulls)
23. Friday Night Funkin Lullaby Mod
24. The Blueballs Incident 2.0 – [ THE TROLLGE FILES ]
25. Everywhere At The End Of Funk

Gameplay was recorded by Arena Closer Team. Thus, let us present to you our workflow to show the diligent effort of our teammates. So you, our lovely viewer, will see clearly how we try to make you smile!

Arena Closer Team team consists of several people who have their own tasks to do step by step. It all starts with the manager, who creates ideas and maintains a friendly-happy atmosphere. We also have content managers, who find those mods relevant to the topics. Then all of the mods are passed to the person who plays and records them. While mods are being recorded our copywriter writes the script for the announcer. Further, the video editor receives recorded clips and the voice-over and prepares the video in professional programs using various tools to make the content more original. In the end, the designer creates the thumbnail and the video goes to the publication.

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🎵 Outro Song:
Arp Bounce – Geographer

Thanks for watching!

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  1. My favorite mod really has to be The Trollge Files, a legitimately quite unsettling horror mod with amazing animations, attention to detail, and good songs to boot.

    Indie Cross is a close second for me.

  2. I remember when the first fnf mod came out. then I stopped playing fnf, While I was away so many more mods have been made. This video is very helpful, Thanks.

  3. Instead of release it should’ve been nerves change my mind😤😤😤

  4. The first one ve tricky looks ezer than you think on screen its like ah ez pz but playing it makes it 10 times faster

  5. I like how in tricky expurgation, the song starts slow and then gets fast as tricky goes from confused to panicked.

  6. 0:19 – Expurgation (VS Tricky)

    3:40 – Ballistic Remastered (VS Whitty)

    6:23 – Release (VS Garcello)

    8:52 – Black Sun (VS Sonic.EXE)

    11:43 – LCD (VS Hex)

    15:05 – Nyaw (VS Kapi)

    17:59 – Genocide (VS Ex/Tabi)

    20:08 – Promenade (ENTITY, VS Nikusa)

    22:40 – Spookposter (VS Imposter)

    25:00 – Hallucination (FNF NEO)

    26:53 – Astral Calamity (VS Shaggy)

    30:23 – Foolhardy, mislabeled as Bushwhack (VS Zardy)

    34:11 – Withered (VS Bob)

    35:56 – Ugh (High Effort Ugh, not the main game version)

    37:27 – Your Demise (Doki Doki Takeover)

    38:53 – Censory Overload (VS QT)

    44:27 – Challeng-Edd (FNF ONLINE)

    46:49 – Common Sense (NONSENSE)

    48:30 – Relighted (The X event)

    56:20 – Manifest (VS Sky)
    Will come back later and finish this, I got tired </33

  7. Tysm for adding Hypnos lullaby and vs. Monika

  8. Most nostalgic video i ever seen

  9. the first one gave me ptsd. It took me MONTHS TO FINALLY BEAT THE WHOLE MOD

  10. Pov me vibing in school while in a test and gets a 10%

  11. the Tabi song isnt called "tabi", its actually called "Genocide"

  12. During the Nya song, I actually noticed Snick in the background, and he went on to be a very remembered character in Pizza Tower.

  13. I started playing fnf when there was no mods I remember the first extremely hard Mod wass from whitty ballistic

  14. Coke or Pepsi replie to me if you choose coke or pepsi comments

  15. Despite it only being a few years, it’s somehow nostalgic seeing all these FNF mods again!

  16. My sis hates the fnf lore so she made one herself 💀: Introduction arc:

    s1 e1: bf, a talented teen becomes a rapper and earns the red hat of contrast with the the help of his tutor whitty and challenges a famous rockstar to earn the heart of gf.

    Shark crew arc:

    s1 e2: with his new crew, bf and his friends accidently upset a sharkman called electro, which causes the crew to battle him and his friend, moana.

    s1 e3: electro's brother, sharko, comes to check on his brother and gets enraged at a battered electro. With a injured whitty, bf and roy challenge sharko who has a mysterious power similar to bf. pico starts to feel useless

    s1 e4: bf and the crew make a alliance with the shark crew. feeling useless, pico leaves the crew and tries to take the subway out of town. bf and gf tries to stop him, leading pico to challenge bf. bf and pico also learns a new move.

    Acceptence arc:

    s1 e5: losing the battle and blood, bf believes hope is lost. But, pico stays for the sake of gf. Seeking revenge from his lost to bf, rockstar daddy dearest requests mommy mearest to kill bf. Heading to the arcade, Mommy mearest spots bf and gf and challenges him, attempting to kill him by battling on top of a speeding limo.

    s1 e6: finally gaining a bit of acceptence into the dearest family, bf and gf stop the limo at the arcade as celebration. But, they get trapped in a anime highschool game. falling in love with gf, senpai challenges bf for gf's heart, actually trying to take his soul to enter the human world with gf.

    s1 e7: with their celebration ruined, bf and gf search for another way to celebrate. Roy finds a diner for bf and gf and meet the Mr Lemon, who is actually trying to have bf and gf as dinner and the first rogue rapper bf meets.

    s1 e8: with all the drama going on and barely escaping Mr Lemon, bf and gf decide to join a plane flight with mommy and daddy dearest. Suddenly, bf and gf crash into a military warzone, with pico following along. bf and gf meets tankman, who battles them to decide their fate for disrupting his army.

    s1 e9: getting annoyed, tankman starts becoming violent. gf learns a new move which makes tankman wants to shoot her. Pico defends gf and bf from the soldiers as bf and gf continue to battle tankman.

    Christmas Crisis arc:

    s1 e10: tired from what they been through and with one day until christmas, bf and gf try to rest and watch people play basketball in the park. Hex, a joyful android, greets them and requests to battle them, leaving the couple reluctant. Noticing his uplifting smile, bf battles him for fun.

    s1 e11: now christmas, bf and gf shop in the mall, seeing all their friends. Daddy and mommy dearest take over the mall, making bf battle them in return for celebrating christmas the right way. Mr Lemon returns.

    s1 e12: Defeating Mr and Mrs Dearest, bf is worried because Mr lemon is back and puts bf's friends life at stake in the mall. bf battles and loses the fight and dies only to be revived by gf's new power.

    s1 e13: after bf defeats Mr Lemon with a new move, bf, the dearest family, his crew, and all his friends have a christmas dinner celebration at the dearest mansion. after the party, moana suspiciously takes the subway to Neo City, causing the crew to follow.

  17. Let’s be frank. The Blueballs Incident is my favorite mod

  18. Release is by far my favorite mod song


  20. my favorite mode is the sonic exe 4.0, and the mistful crimson morning mod they both are my favorite creepypasta mods.

  21. i miss the old arena closer videos but i like how the intro is now

  22. a shame that i cant set my keys in Garcello

  23. Bro i MISSSS old fnf mods cus they actually have a good beat and not trying to make it look hard.. the recent ones are now just pure dogshit

  24. Suprised indie cross isn’t in this.

  25. You are the actual goat for putting all the timestamps in the desc, and ALSO the mod links, tysm for that so we don't have to try to search for them

  26. Hes so good at fnf but hes worse than me at garcello

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