Angry Birds Friday Night Funkin' Mod - Angry Night Funkin' Full Week -

Angry Birds Friday Night Funkin’ Mod – Angry Night Funkin’ Full Week

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Hey guys, the mod is finally here! After exactly 2 years I managed to complete the first week of this mod, I hope you enjoy it and look forward for future projects. Stay angry!

Download the mod here:

00:00 Intro
00:39 Tutorial Cutscene
00:58 Tutorial Dialogue
01:25 Vs. Terence
02:37 Tutorial Post-Dialogue
03:05 Week 1 Cutscene
03:21 Week 1 Dialogue
04:35 A Pign’t
06:16 Red Alert
08:42 Trilogy – Last Song
09:27 Huh???
10:03 BF Epic Moment
10:52 Trilogy Post-Dialogue
12:04 Credits
12:57 Outro – Enjoy the menu song


  1. tbh its a bit with the more classic / simple style of fnf but i like that! cuz angry birds 1 is a simple yet classic game! the music is only slightly off to me over all: 9.5/10! good job! (:

  2. Que lo que brodel te habla mitel bi así mismo mitel bi

  3. I like how Terence says nothing,like he always does

  4. This is SUPER SWEET!!!~ Please don't stop, I love what you did with Characters and the chromatics the notes and songs! Oh, it'll be a breeze!~ 🎉😄🎉

  5. Yo crecí con los angry birds y este mod me gustó

  6. Amazing mod! I just Hope this isnt the end yet

  7. do you plan on making more updates or will that be it?

  8. Although I wrote it too late, but still, despite the light graphics and character design, even it was worth it, by the way, I didn’t hear the last 2 songs from the mod, but I heard it like that. It turned out cool, only one mechanic is missing where Red screams and destroys buildings, and at some point he starts screaming, bringing health to critical, but not killing)

  9. It's ok to use soundtrack as placeholder songs before hiring composer for songs

  10. yeah tbh i prefer when peoples takes already existing song and modifies them to be fnf
    i prefer that than original song
    it makes the cross over more authentical
    and for a huge angry bird fan like me, well its awesome to recognize songs we've grow up with

  11. Next Mod:

    Friday Night Funkin vs Rio the Movie

    A side Mod who were created by the same creators of vs Impostor and Mario Madness

  12. excited for the future of this mod and i like the fact that Red's Week is just the Main theme of angry Birds 2, Piggie Dilly circus from the same game (6:30) and the final song is the main theme of Angry Birds Triolgy.

  13. Very good! A bit of polish and some new songs and a great mod will be made!

  14. “Bro you got angry birds?” Me: nah we got rappin birds

  15. 2 years? That's way past the fnf trend. Sorry to say this but you are late

  16. this mod would be perfect if it wasn't for one thing
    the instrumentals

    Yeah, the instrumentals are copy pasted from the respective games and makes them very lazy
    If the instrumentals had a bit more of originality, or keep the instrumentals as they are but with your style of music would be good, but the rest of the mod is good


  17. ngl the song "a pign't" gives me paper mario color splash or origami king vibes


    I just wish they got the voice samples from the Movie, though I love this mod too much already lel

    Will there be more updates?

  19. oh yeeeeeeeeeeeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  20. Plz psych engine make angry night

  21. WOOW SUPER GRAN MOD!! Me trae mucha nostalgia por los antiguos mods de fnf. Que buenos tiempos!

  22. Should've gotten BF as an Angry Bird if he enters the Angry Birds universe…

  23. Sweet mod, man! Looking forward to seeing more!

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