Alphabet Lore TOOK OVER Friday Night Funkin! -

Alphabet Lore TOOK OVER Friday Night Funkin!

The Frustrated Gamer
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Alphabet Lore Took over Friday Night Funkin gameplay | The Frustrated Gamer FNF mods are back and today I am playing the new FNF Alphabet Lore mod! See what happens when alphabet lore and Friday Night Funkin mods come together! Let’s play Friday night funkin’ gameplay with The Frustrated Gamer!
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► Rainbow Friends Friday Night Funkin!

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  1. I'm just giving you advice for the 2nd song: If you miss the yellow notes, you die

  2. I don’t like it because he’s mean to his friend when he’s a grown-up

  3. I think the yellow arrow you press the arrow if you miss the yellow arrow you died

  4. Forget everything that people call you a noob your great and your face is the best Italian face

  5. Brandon the yellow note you got to hit if you don't you will die

  6. Brandon you keep on missing some arrows

  7. The reason why you were dying instantly is that your supposed to hit the yellow notes that were in hard.

  8. The frustrating game had been working and I love you too much

  9. Hey Brandon for the arrows you can't touch there is some yellow ones Nd I think you aren't supposed to touch them

  10. welcome to an other episode of….Brandon's arm is already cramping in 1:37 seconds NEW WORLD RECORD!!!

  11. Kyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (Q sound)

  12. The yellow arrows u have to touch it in all time if u miss one u die

  13. Love your videos Brandon❤ by the way, the golden arrows, I think you were supposed to have to not miss them.😊

  14. “Oh F, your voice is terrible! Try to get some sort of a singing lesson!” 😂😂😂

  15. Me playing Friday night funkin misses 0239948494

  16. You died because you missed the yellow notes

  17. start whit 2 hands then we have onother seris

  18. can you try bob in Friday night Funkin mod it good please

  19. It is as hard as hard mode but F doesn’t push you back

  20. Also on song 2 lore mode you can’t touch the yellow arrow’s

  21. Brandon play the forever nenna mod forever nenna is a youtuber and it’s great

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