All Leaks For Jeffys Endless Aethos! | Friday Night Funkin -

All Leaks For Jeffys Endless Aethos! | Friday Night Funkin

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  1. these arent leaks they are teasers from the server ive seen it

  2. Idk since endless aethos got revived by sling with smaller team maybe it will be doing a progress

  3. yo do you have that rose idle gif i need that lowkey

  4. But shucks was better with the current lyrics 🙁

  5. Okay so I'm REALLY confused and have so many questions. Wasn't this cancelled? Are we really getting the mod? Is the owner still SlingMingo? (I pray it's not) And lastly, does anyone have any information to give me???

  6. This is really cool, out of all the things for endless aethos I’m excited for obsolete, revenant and facade to come out.❤

  7. I bet it's gonna get cancelled again since bitchmingo is still the director and all the staff wouldn't come back to work on it again

  8. I don't think chef pee pee likes baseball anymore

  9. i dont understand, so the mod is still being developed or its the leaks that was before the incident with jeffyfan guy?

  10. Wasn't this cancelled? I'm so confused

  11. where can I find the original audio for the part with TBOP song

  12. Ok so I might correct smth rq

    At 1:39

    Those are NOT icons

    Those are some V-Slice styled stickers made by scrilopolis

  13. Hey, at least the new shucks lyrics are more creative.

  14. This honestly looks fire, but I feel like this should've stayed as a one-shot that was made for fun.

  15. Bro, the art of this mod it's just.. BEAUTIFUL, and the songs, DAMN, the songs are THE PEAKEST SHIT I'VE EVER HEARD.
    This mod is too amazing to be cancelled😭😭🙏🙏

  16. It feels so refreshing to hear an official updated version of Shuck that actually sounds good

  17. Im so glad their back working on the mod

  18. idk if the atheos team sees these but idk why for obsolete they did nothing with the concept that marvin is just another face plasterd onto marios

  19. How is the mod already getting leaked lol

  20. It would have been wholesome at the end of shucks marvin holds a photograph of him rose and jeffy and marvin breaks down crying because of the death of his son as rose comforts him

  21. I hope some of these ideas and songs get moved to different mods because it seems like they were in the works for something big

  22. What the hell is 6:12 it sounds really good but I don’t understand it

  23. Jeffy snapping his fingers is not official T-T it was something I did, for fun

  24. I am so happy the mod is getting revived

  25. why does rose in the beginning fr look kinda similar to a different character(thats probably not from mario💀💀💀💀☠️)

  26. bro why is poop warrior ascosiated with smb3 now

  27. Is this mod cancelled? im so confused

  28. Did I missed something I thought it was cancelled?

  29. Are we getting a release date or is there a release date already?

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