All Blue VS All Sonic.EXE - ALL PHASES Friday Night Funkin' (Roblox Rainbow Friends) -

All Blue VS All Sonic.EXE – ALL PHASES Friday Night Funkin’ (Roblox Rainbow Friends)

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1. VS rainbow friends DEMO

2. Rewrite Sonic.EXE

Springless – Artist Composer and Writer:

3. VS Blue V1

richilix – Director, Animator, Artist, Coder and Charter:

RaveYT – Composer:

MrFlamin – Composer:

Fragment Games. – developer of “Rainbow Friends” roblox game:

Mewza – Director of “VS Rainbow Friends” mod:

Nullvix – composer of “Friends to your end” song and blue voices:
TeaWix – OG Coder for other Rainbow Friends mod:

4. Chaos Nightmare

GARBIE PATTIE – Director, Sprite and Icon Artist and Animator:

ItoSaihara – Background and Misc. Artist:

JayyThunder – Sprite Support:

LuckyPuppet – Charter:

Biddle3 – Composer of “Phantasm”:

Murasaki_ – Programmer:

HayseedHere – Made the Sonic Chromatic:

Jacaris – Fleetway Voice Actor, and made the Chromatic:

Jason Griffith – Voice of Sonic:

Yabo – Gave the Game Over Idea:

ito’s mom – hi mom!:

Shadow Mario – Coder:

Mewza – Director
TeaWix – Coder
Nullvix – Composer

00:00 Blue Phase 1
01:48 Sonic.EXE Part 1 (My Favorite)
08:07 Blue Phase 2
13:08 Sonic.EXE Part 2 (Chaos Nightmare)
16:15 Blue Phase 3
21:17 Outro
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  1. this is up there on the list of weirdest fnf mods ive ever seen

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