13 SONGS. ALL 100%. LET'S GOOO!!! | Friday Night Funkin' HD (Weeks 1 - 4) - shadowbizgame.com

13 SONGS. ALL 100%. LET’S GOOO!!! | Friday Night Funkin’ HD (Weeks 1 – 4)

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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin’ – Today we check out the FNF HD Mod! This mod completely revamps the look of the original FNF, adds a new story and gameplay features. This video is a complete play-through of weeks 1 – 4 and somehow, I managed to get a complete 100% FULL COMBO…. HOW.

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  1. In the crowd on the far left you see the bomb guy

  2. Hey it's me from 2022 he did not get 100% on milf you can check

  3. Has anyone told him yet?
    Alright i guess you are all idiots
    100% is all sick, not full combo
    Combo breaks and misses are 2 different things
    Thats everything you need to know bout rythm (offset too but that crap too advanced for me)

  4. I saw when it switched to the dad I looked down and saw a bomb and it could have been whitty

  5. Is GF wearing the Virgin Killer Sweater?
    Seriously, what is she wearing?

  6. I like how he says the b word in the middle of the video

  7. I hope that if this mod ever gets updated again, they remove the whistle noises when the lampposts are about to hit you, it really makes it difficult to hear the song considering it’s on probably one of the best songs in FNF

  8. Well you mentioned editing so I have to ask what do you use to edit videos cause im an aspiring youtuber so I want to see what the pros are using

  9. Ryan, can I say how incredible you are at this game?! You have killed it to getting to 100%!! And ever mod you tackle, you find it challenging and fun all together!! You have mastered this game!! 8bitryan, the king!!!

  10. The way I just now realized that there’s a face in lemon demon’s mouth-

  11. look inside lemon demon mouth when you dose a note

  12. من تبلیغات شما را نمیخوانم says:

    This is how to remake

  13. You should play this mod again there is a new update

  14. Hmm…
    Not a single miss?
    Get ready, Ryan.
    You will not be ready to do that simple tactic in my mod.

  15. I under stand 😭 they dont want to add week 5, 6 and 7 😭😭😭

  16. I played the hard tutorial notes it was so easy and I'm 8 years old

  17. 8bit Ryan: I don’t remember this monster song
    Me, the fan back to the beginning: that’s because you never played it. You had finish the video in the middle of week two, and forgot about it. Either that, or an update happened after you finished week 2. Idk, it’s been a long time since I saw those videos.

  18. Pico:go pico go pico
    Bf:*repeats it*
    Pico be like:👑👑👑👑

  19. 38:07 Mom is grabbing her breasts… IN FORNT OF A TEENAGER🤢🤮

  20. Tugging and the most people are going through 2th the first place in and out to US the most people are going through a good day today is not the first place ☺🤩🤩🤩🤡😱place in and out

  21. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  22. The first time you met lemon demon the song name was winter horror land and the song in week 2 was named monster

  23. Did anyone see the head inside of lemon demon?…..

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