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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin! So we’re back to check out the new uh.. hard difficulty to this game (Skip typing it, YT will not like me). It comes bundled with 12 insane new remixes of the classics and they are absolutely insane! ENJOY!!

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  2. Ryan you should definitely play the silly billy mod

  3. Pls play the silly Billy mod that's got to be the best mod since sonic.exe

  4. hear me out. mario’s madness mod and he finishes it- right afterwards he drum covers some of the songs

  5. Should also play the Hit Single mod too.
    Silly Billy is such a banger, with such a sad backstory to boot.
    Both in game lore, and… Out of game lore.
    RIP Divide.

  6. Hey Ryan I want you to play silly Billy it’s a absolutely banger of a song, the mod is called hit single

  7. Hey, @8-BitRyan, I know this is a long shot, but there’s a FNF mod from a while back called Vs. Bob & Bosip that I would REALLY love to see you play. It was made by a really popular Geometry Dash level creator from back in the day, and it’s got a LOT of content for one mod, so definitely worth checking out. And, of course, the songs are PHENOMENAL. Just thought I’d share! Keep up the great work! 🙏

  8. Play the silly Billy mod

  9. AYO, Ryan You should check out "Silly Billy" on the Hit Single Friday Night Funkin' mod next, You will not be disappointed!

  10. i want night mode!
    i want to act like im playing a hard difficulty

  11. You could also check out "Silly Billy" fnf mod

  12. Ryan, you should really check out the Hit Single mod! It’s an insane mod!

  13. Btw their is a new fnf mod called silly billy it’s on YouTube it’s sick it has actual voices

  14. It's fun to have memories not being able to beat Normal Spookeez, but now getting only 8 Misses on Nightmare Spookeez.

  15. Ryan, you need to play the hit single mod

  16. Yo Ryan, You Should Defintely play the Silly Billy Mod!

  17. Ryan NEEDS to play the Hit Single Real mod just for Silly Billy.

  18. He hasn’t tried silly billy yet on hit single

  19. We need ryan to play the hit single mod ASAP 🙏

  20. Ryan i want you to play the fnf hit single real mod
    its soo good and trust me you will like it

  21. The Bf solos go crazy.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Ryan liked my last story, so I'm gonna write a remake of it, about how the community of THE 8-BIT NATION tried to make him dance lol, I love this one XD –

    In the illustrious realm of the 8-Bit Nation, where the art of dance was revered above all else, ruled a King known as 8-Bit Ryan, affectionately known as Ryan by his people. His presence atop his throne often left the citizens longing for a glimpse of his joyful movements. They believed that if they could coax the King into dancing, his infectious enthusiasm would inspire joy throughout the kingdom, bringing about a harmonious celebration of movement and rhythm. Months before The Dance Extravaganza, the citizens of the 8-Bit Nation began preparations for the grand event. Streets were adorned with colorful banners and streamers, fluttering in the gentle breeze. Artisans crafted elaborate decorations, transforming the cityscape into a vibrant tapestry of colors and textures. Every corner of the realm was infused with an air of excitement and anticipation. As the day of the festival drew near, performers from far and wide flocked to the 8-Bit Nation, eager to showcase their talents in the hopes of eliciting a reaction from the King. Jesters and acrobats honed their routines, comedians perfected their jokes, and musicians composed melodies that echoed through the streets. On the day of The Dance Extravaganza, the entire kingdom buzzed with energy as citizens gathered in the town square, eager to witness the spectacle unfold. The stage was set with elaborate props and dazzling lights, casting a magical glow over the festivities. Atop his throne, 8-Bit Ryan was carried onto the podium overlooking his kingdom with an interested and inquisitive glance. His subjects watched with bated breath as the first performers took to the stage, their hearts filled with hope and anticipation. The festival began with a parade of dancers, each troupe showcasing their unique style and flair. From classical ballet to energetic street dance, every genre was represented as performers twirled and leaped with grace and precision. Yet, despite the mesmerizing performances, Ryan remained seated upon his throne, his expression unchanged. The citizens watched with a mixture of disappointment and determination, refusing to let their spirits be dampened by the King's stoicism. As the day wore on, various attempts were made to capture the King's interest. Musicians played lively tunes, magicians performed dazzling tricks, and artists painted colorful murals depicting scenes of joy and celebration. But still, Ryan remained unmoved, his gaze fixed ahead with unwavering resolve. The citizens of the 8-Bit Nation refused to admit defeat, rallying together with renewed determination to find a way to make their King dance. With one final stand of hope, desperate to give their King the time of his life, the citizens pushed forward, determined to find the perfect rhythm that would stir Ryan's soul. As the event progressed, a group of innovative inventors unveiled their latest creation: The Danc-a-tron 2.0. This state-of-the-art device was designed to analyze the King's movements and preferences, generating a bespoke playlist of tunes guaranteed to get his feet tapping. With anticipation mounting, the Danc-a-tron 2.0 sprang to life, filling the air with an irresistible medley of beats and melodies. Dancers of all styles took to the stage, their movements synchronized to the pulsating rhythm of the music. Yet, to the dismay of the onlookers, Ryan remained unmoved, his demeanor unchanged. The citizens watched in disappointment as their most ambitious invention failed to achieve its intended purpose. Refusing to admit defeat, the people of the 8-Bit Nation rallied together, determined to find another way to make their King dance. Drawing inspiration from their diverse cultural backgrounds, they began to craft a symphony of sounds that blended seamlessly together, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of music that transcended language and genre, blending the machine into a whirlwind of all the genres of music, put together. They called it the Symphonic Radiance! With each new composition, the citizens poured their hearts and souls into their music, infusing it with the passion and energy that defined their beloved nation. And finally, as the sun began to set on the horizon, a magical melody filled the air, its infectious rhythm impossible to resist. In that moment, the crowd gasped in awe as 8-Bit Ryan's foot started slowly tapping against the ivory floor, until his head started to leisurely sway to the music, as his face became a bubbly and enigmatic canvas, painted by the people of the Nation, and so, with utmost cries and cheers of joy, the once stagnant and stern overlooker 8-Bit Ryan rose from his throne, his movements vigorous, yet admirable as he joined his subjects on the dance floor. Together, they swayed and twirled in perfect harmony, celebrating the joy of music and movement. And so, in the 8-Bit Nation, it was not the sophisticated inventions or elaborate performances that succeeded in making their King dance. It was the heartfelt expression of unity and creativity that touched his soul, proving that the power of dance could bring even the most steadfast ruler to his feet .

    And thats it lol, hope you enjoyed it and that it brought a smile to all of your faces! Feel free to use this for your essays, beauteous as I like to say, just be wary when you get to the end of the story, since the sheer amount of words may just make you faint without you knowing it. Another one bites the dust lmao XD 💀💀💀💀

  23. for the record! nightmare difficulty is essentially the hard mode to erect’s normal mode, basically just harder charts :3

  24. I recommend using the number pad for up and right while using a and s for left and down, its more comfortable in my opinion.

  25. I love this guy because hes not dogshit at the game

  26. Im such a big phonk fan so south erect was awesome

  27. Why did Ryan literally lick and purse his lips this entire video… lmaooo you can’t unsee it

  28. Naah whats gonna happen is microsofts gonna pull a super meat boy.

  29. Day 73 of asking Ryan to play undertale yellow!

  30. its really weird how they have the nightmare difficulty when its literally just the erect difficulty but pico is charted correctly

  31. I just looked at the nightmare modes and you should definitely look at them

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