🎤~BNHA REACTS To Monochrome (TALLADEGA)~🎤 |[]|Friday Night Funkin'|[]|Gacha|[]| - shadowbizgame.com

🎤~BNHA REACTS To Monochrome (TALLADEGA)~🎤 |[]|Friday Night Funkin’|[]|Gacha|[]|

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  1. Who knew a creepypasta would recieve this much attention. Thats pretty cool

  2. Nice vid 😔👌 but i suggest the react to monochrome lyrics next

  3. Can you make them react to the Lyrics monochrome

  4. Hum… I would love them to the pne with lyrics (Singed, not the one that has letters)

  5. Can they react to the lost on mt. Silver version if they haven’t yet?

  6. I think they should react to the junio songs version.

  7. Next time can you do BNHA reacts to talladega

  8. Let them react to lyric version of monochrome so they can understand his story and character better

  9. They should react to the lyrics of monochrome

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